Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The best Oregonian ink Kremer ever received

But of course, it is the natural order of things for the son to exceed the father!


Anonymous said...

Kremer - you kid is an all-state football player and also got a scholarship to play baseball at a high profile D1 school in the ACC?

Your wife must be a stud!

Tim said...

What a great looking kid! Very impressive!

His on base average is .657? That is almost unbelieveable.

I have been a baseball fan at the high school level for a long time. I don't think I have ever seen a kid get on base 2/3 of the time in a competitive league like the one Lake Oswego plays in.

Michael P. said...

Congratulations Jeff!

Rob you occasionally mentioned that your son plays sports, but you never let on that he was a division 1 kind of player!

How many Oregon high schoolers will get a scholarship to play division 1 ball this year? How rare is that?

Roadrunner said...

Congratulations, Rob.

It looks like he's given you many reasons to be proud.

Chris King said...

What a great article - nice to see Jeff getting the recognition that he deserves...


I am Coyote said...

Rob, how freaking awesome is that?!

I just got one of the best "ink jobs" myself the other day.

Not much but "Kendall Piccolo, honor roll 4.0."

Again... Son to exceed father.

Tell Jeff he has a fan (I mean a real fan) some 350 miles away.

Just wish he would have come to play for the Cougs!

Yip Yip