Sunday, January 18, 2009

Write your own lines, Kari Chisolm!

Steve Schopp alerted me to this.

Over at BlueOregon, Kari Chisolm wrote a post about Congressman Greg Walden being appointed as the ranking Republican member on the Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

He finds it ironic since Walden was chair of the audit committee of the NRCC when a fake audit report covered up a missing million bucks. And his tag line:

"In Republican circles, there ain't nothing that succeeds like total, epic failure."

Hey! Kari! Write your own stuff!

Anyone who knows me has heard me say the same exact thing as a motto for Oregon. I've said it many times on the air, and a simple search of my blog shows the times I have written it down here.



Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it! Chisom is such a dunce. All the stupid failures from the left and he has to use your line because he isn't original enough to come up with his own.


Anonymous said...

Kari is a dunce.

And a paid tool for Demo propaganda (is that like a prostitute?).

And a hypocrite.

But mostly just a doofus.

Kari Chisholm said...

I guess I should read your blog more often. Sorry I missed this one.

Here's the thing. "Nothing succeeds like failure" is a silly and cute cliche. Not original to me and not original to you.

A quick Google search turns up over 6000 results.

Amusingly enough, I was alerted to this post by a left-winger nutball who hates me even more than you do - and even he defends me!

Rob Kremer said...

Where did you get the idea that I hate you?