Sunday, January 25, 2009

He's Staying!

This is going to be fun.

On my radio show today I tried to hide my glee. Oh all right, I'll stop lying. (Unlike Sam Adams.) I didn't try to hide my glee.

Honestly, this is going to be a fabulous circus. It has everything! Sex, lies, a criminal investigation, interest groups jockeying for position, politicians looking for cover, high priced lawyers - all the ingredients for a rock-em sock-em scandal! It promises to be quite a show, and to last a long time.

And the by-product is positive too. This will distract the City Council from its toxic agenda. Sam won't be able to lecture anyone on making the I-5 bridge "sustainable." Nothing will happen, which, with this crew, is good.

I still can't figure out why Randy Leonard isn't jumping up and down telling Sam Adams to take a hike. Adams played Leonard for the fool, used him as his attack dog against Bob Ball. Now it turns out Ball had it right. And Leonard hasn't turned his back on Adams?

The rest of the mealy-mouthers are hunkered down hoping the criminal investigation lets them not take a position. What a bunch of weenies! The stipulated facts of this case are plenty to end Sam Adams' career. The investigation can't make any of that better - it can only hurt Adams.

Fact: Adams lied because he figured if he fessed up, he would have lost. In the words of my co-host, Marc Abrams, he "suborned the election."

Fact: Adams enlisted Randy Leonard to destroy the reputation of a political rival.

Fact: Adams used a paid consultant to coach his boy-toy to lie to the media.

Fact: Adams was romantically interested in Breedlove when the kid was 17 years old, and met with him on more than one occasion prior to his turning 18. Breedlove says on two of those occasions, they made out. One of those time it was in the City Hall mens room.

I am SO looking forward to the next few months. Portland is circling the drain anyway. We might as well have fun with this in the meantime.


rickyragg said...

True to form and blinded by hubris, Sam again puts himself first.

What a guy!

Anonymous said...

think Portland has gone entirely insane. You have a large number of grown adults applauding and supporting a 42 year old guy banging a 17 year old kid. It completely goes against logic and normalcy. I think we've lost it, and who knows, Sam may get off and be a hero. I don't know what has happened to our society.

Anonymous said...

He's too fag to bail.

Anonymous said...

I think your glee is misplaced, unfortunately. The "criminal investigation" is going to clear Adams of any wrongdoing in very short order - in other words, it's going to "prove" that Adams was telling the truth when he said he didn't nail an underage Legislative aide which is the only legal matter at issue. This will allow Sam to declare himself exonerated and to say "now it's time to get on with the business of the City." Six months from now, when a recall becomes possible, all the air will have gone out of this issue and Adams will be re-elected handily in 2012.

Joe said...

As stupid as the voters in Portland are, the lying dog will probably survive and be re-elected

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14am and Joe are correct.

Sam will survive politically.

It is the gay community that has lost bigtime, and they know it.

-older gay men hitting on underage boys? check
-gays propositioning in the men's room? check
-gay men acting promiscously? check
-gay men dating one man, while cruising for boys at the same time? check

The awesome gay roll model: Portland's Gay Mayor

I am Coyote said...

You are wrong. This scandal does not have "all" the ingredients needed for a full on rock'em sock'em scandal.

It is missing a hot blond chick with a black book.

Of course since Sam Adams is a homosexual the best anyone could hope for to make up for that point would be a "tell all" book or magazine article by Adams' beau that hits the news stands in July.

Rob Kremer said...

I agree that Adams will survive. This is Portland. But it will be one very slow motion train wreck.

My "glee" is not because I think Sam will be gone. To be perfectly frank, it doesn't matter a whole heck of a lot whether Portland's mayor is Sam Adams or some other yahoo. The truth is that anybody elected mayor in hard-left Portland is going to do all the same crazy anti-competitive stuff that Adams is poised to do.

So we might as well get some entertainment out of it.

Anonymous said...

The other ingredient that's missing to make this a "real" scandal is a Republican.

Anonymous said...

I guess if we have to have a guy like Sam Adams representing us, the best thing that could come of it, (for the rest of us,) is to have him make a public example of his true values and dig himself an inescapable rut, thus leaving his supporters in a state of disbandment.

Oh wait - that just happened.

sean cruz said...

Next up at Portland City Council: Circus Circus Circus

Live! In the Center Ring! Watch the Amazing Jellyfish squirm and Conduct City Business at the very same time!

Hear the Chorus of Empty Words!

Learn what Mr. Naughty will do next to Inspire the Children! Juggling! Bareback riding! Magic tricks! Sword swallowing! Surprises galore! Memorabilia and trinkets for sale! Free candy!

Join the Mayor’s Men’s Room Parade, every two hours (must be 17 to enter)!

See how much leadership a Million Bucks of Public Money can buy! It’s anybody’s guess!

Will the state legislature and the Multnomah County Commission exit the Cone of Silence? Who knows?

Will Portland’s civic and business leaders show up and speak out? Before Groundhog Day? No one has a clue!

WILL Hizzoner TAKE THE SHOW ON THE ROAD? Why not? So many men’s rooms, so little time….

See Portland City Council Circus Circus Circus on PCM, cable Channel 30, 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday.

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