Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sam Adams, Scumbag

Or, I guess I should say: Mayor Scumbag.

Honestly, are the people of Portland going to accept this? I think this issue is a great bellweather for just how far Portland has sunk into the abyss. If Sam Adams is allowed to stay on as mayor, this city is done. Forever. 

Why do I say that? Look what this disgusting excuse for a man did:

1) He took advantage of a troubled young man who approached him for personal advice at a time of severe emotional stress, and had sex with him.  This is absolutely, 100%, completely wrong, and in and of itself should end his political career.  

2) When Bob Ball brought the story out in 2007, Sam Adams went on the offensive. He trashed Bob Ball publicly, said this was just a political smear by a would be rival, and went on to play the victim, saying that Ball's accusation played into the stereotype of gay men predating on younger men. 

How cynical can you get? Adams basically went all-in on the denial. It wasn't enough for him to just deny and try to get the story behind him, he used the story and his denial to get sympathy by playing the gay card.  And all the while, he knew that he WAS the stereotype of the disgusting gay predator. 

3) He ruined the reputation of Bob Ball. Just roadkill, I guess, on his path to election. 

4) He leveraged the sympathy he created in his denial into votes. Would he have been elected if he had told the truth? So his election is invalid.

5) It is still an open question whether Sam Adams really "waited" until Beau Breedlove was 18 before they had sex. How can we trust what he says? He is a confirmed liar.

There is one very positive aspect to this story, however. Randy Leonard has been confirmed as a buffoon. I mean really! He said "Sam Adams never lied to me." Huh? Randy says he never asked Sam if he had sex with Beau Breedlove, he only asked Sam if he had ever had sex with an underage person! As if when Sam Adams went public with his denial and trashing of Ball and playing the gay card, he was speaking to everyone in Portland except Randy Leonard!

OK Randy. We got it. Defend Sam to the end. 

I have a feeling that Sam Adams will survive this. He will be damaged, for sure. He will be a standing joke in the talk radio and blog world. But he probably survives.

A more ethical person would resign, but Sam Adams has shown us that his #1 priority is Sam Adams. He doesn't care who he destroys along the way. It is all about Sam. He will weather all the catcalls, because this is his life. He knows nothing other than a quest for power. 

And Portland will sink further into the abyss. 


Anonymous said...

Did we really need this to confirm Randy Leonard is a buffoon?

The brainwashed liberal mafia in Portland will see to it that Sham keeps his job. Just another example of how this city has gone down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

I like how the Zero is getting their journalistic a**es handed to them once again. As no one should believe the scumbag Adams, they shouldn't believe anything the Funny Paper writes either.

Portland is truly the joke city of the nation.

Anonymous said...

As stated in a comment in the prior blog entry, Sam will survive this because he is a Democrat. Sho should be spearheading a recall petition, but it won't matter in the end. Sam is liberal, a 'sustainability' advocate, and gay. Any one alone is enough to get you a pass in this town. Sam is protected by the trifecta....

Anonymous said...

This is one time beloved Portland - not the" weird" marketed transplant morons - but those of us still believe that the office should be an honorable one and it's holder trustworthy - should act.


This arrogant corruptician should know just how Portland feels.
He pandered to the fringes and used a gay victimstance to secure his "landslide".
If he slides on this, I agree w/Rob - "we're doomed"

R. L. said...

I think pronouncements of doom are a little, ummmm... exaggerated. If the Roman Empire can survive for 400 years after Caligula, I'm pretty sure Portland will survive Sam Adams.

We could, however, try and come to a consensus about the seriousness of Sam Adam's actions, and the likely long term consequences to the city if he doesn't resign.

Anonymous said...

R.L. you obviously haven't read your Roman history if you think Rome was just peachy after Caligula's reign. It is a tale of constant and accelerating decay and depravity. Some may not mind raising their children in such an atmosphere, but many will.

How can we ever know that anything Sam Adams says in the future is the truth?

R. L. said...

Oh but I have... and it wasn't just a constant and accelerating decay and depravity. In fact, the Pax Romana continued for another 140 years after the death of Caligula. Reading 400 years of accelerating (?) decay and depravity into the Roman Empire after the death of Caligula is ahistorical. There are simply too many intervening historical events to point at Caligula and say "See, right there, that's when it all started!"

Certainly his reign put stress on the Empire, but the Empire recovered and thrived. It fell for reasons other than Caligula.

Rob Kremer said...

RL: Portland is doomed all right. Not because of Sam Adams, but because of the Agenda Sam and his predecessors have been pursuing.

There is a war between the government class and the productive class, evidenced by the PSU masters course list in my prior post.

Sam Adams is just the current face of the Agenda. But the course to ruin has been plotted for a long time.

Anonymous said...

The "productive class" doesn't include investment banking paper-flippers. Parasitical "ownership society" fraudsters produce nothing, but simply redistribute wealth upwards to the already-wealthy. There are crooked politicians, and there are sleazy politicians (this Sam Adams, apparently), but your claim that there's a government "class" in this case is good for horse laughs. If there's a government "class", look to the Republicans and the corporate Democrats in Washington - both of whom have sold the American people down the river via bribes from corporate lobbyists.

Anonymous said...


Lisa writes on Jan 20th, 2009 3:41pm
Comment 188 | Respond
As a queer woman with a child, Sam Adams' behaviors make me sick. People like you set the rest of us in the queer community back another 20 years for your sexual gratification. And idiots like you, Mr. Adams, make me consider never letting my child out of my sight.

As a trained professional working in human services, this whole situation makes me angry. He groomed a minor for a sexual relationship that may or may not have happened after the minor turned 18. Again, he groomed a minor for a sexual relationship. This is what predatory sex offenders do, people. Then comes the gifts, then comes the "please don't tell on me" guilt tripping that leaves the victim feeling like this is his fault. This is playing out exactly as it does every single time this occurs.

If you don't want the public's eye on your business, Mr. Adams, then politics was a poor career choice for you. Liar. Manipulator. Egotist. Please resign and do us all a favor.

MAX Redline said...

Sammy's not going anywhere. He's going to continue as Portland's mayor.

Sam Adams very obviously groomed this kid. Now, he claims that he "should have been honest". Well, that's not entirely true, either.

He shouldn't have cultivated a kid, had sex with the kid, then tried to cover up the fact that he knew that it was wrong. He shouldn't have convinced the legislative intern/lover to keep it quiet. He shouldn't have hired a journalist who caught onto the story; giving her a high-paying job for which she's clearly unqualified in order to buy her silence.

We're not talking about "I should have been honest", here: we're talking about a calculated pattern of behavior, which means that it is unlikely not to recur.

Oh, but the only reason why Sammy did all that was because he "didn't believe that given the way that rumors were being spread—about whether I had broken the law by having sex with a minor—that people would believe me."

Yeah, right. And sadly, that'll play in Portland. Because Portlanders will believe anything, and they've got the track record to prove it.

OregonGuy said...


Creepy librarian.

Supporting a creepy guy.

There is no honor in attempting to diffuse the focus on a corrupt man like Mayor Adams.


You, R.L., Librarian, may be able to accept corruption.

Why should I?

Not a guy out having a few cocktails and getting pulled over.


Not like a guy who didn't make the right number of deductions on his tax returns.


He knew he was wrong. He covered it up. He lied. He accused others of wrongfulness in their accusations.

And yet, the accusations are true.


Play with the meaningless minutiae of Rome. Wear a toga. Whatever.

Today we have a corrupt man who used his corruption to win an office of trust in Oregon.


R. L. said...

I don't condone or defend what Adams did Oregon Guy. I think he should resign.

I was addressing what I perceived as an over-reaction. I don't think Portland is doomed because of the actions of Sam Adams. I don't personally think that he has that kind of power. Rob addressed that issue, interesting enough, without resorting to name calling.

Engaging in personal attacks, and calling me creepy, reflects on your character. Not mine.

Anonymous said...

He should resign. Period.

Anonymous said...

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