Sunday, September 07, 2008

This guy has it exactly right

I've never heard of this columnist before, no doubt because Financial Times is a European publication. But his column analyzing the liberal response to Palin is right on the money.

Meanwhile, Democrats are no doubt puzzled why McCain is now in the lead.


Melissa said...

Excellent aricle Rob. Maybe some of the liberals can read it and understand a bit more about the Americans that will be voting in November

Anonymous said...

Liberals suffer from zip code bigotry. It is a fact of their own existence. In their world if you are not from the "correct" zip code you must be an ignorant redneck hick.

Frankly, it is not uncommon for rural people to move to a city for 4 years and attend the same universities and colleges of those urban citizens that make these very assertions.

After college some rural people move back and put their education to work right here in our own little corner of paradise.

The cultural divide between urban and ruarl is vast and deep. I am not sure it will be traversed any time soon either, frankly, because neither side has any respect for the others views.