Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Double the buy

There is an adage in political campaigning I learned long ago: When you are pushing a message on radio, TV or elsewhere, and your opponents and their supporters are screaming bloody murder about it, it is time to "double the buy."

In other words, boos on the road are like cheers at home. If your opponents are screaming at you, that means you are onto something. That is why all the screaming about Sarah Palin is music to my ears. I hope it continues.

And it will. Expect the attacks on Sarah Palin to ratchet up from here. The mainstream media, columnists, editorial boards, bloggers - they think they are hurting Palin and McCain by their breathless attacks, but they aren't. They so misunderstand "the folks!"

Remember how they ridiculed Dan Quayle? He was the laughingstock of the chattering class for years. Who won that election? The truth was, middle America never disdained Dan Quayle, despite being told what a lightweight he was by everyone from the New York Times to Jay Leno.

The same is true here. Maureen Dowd and her like minded east coast elitists actually think middle America listens to them. They are pulling out all the stops trying to create a narrative around Sarah Palin, but it is not going to work.

"The folks" see Sarah Palin as a very interesting, accomplished, likeable woman who is under attack by the elitists who cannot abide a woman who doesn't share their liberal values being considered for higher office. The more hysterical the attacks get, the more the folks will like Palin.

Tonight's speech will be so much fun. I can't wait to hear the commentary afterwards. You think the attacks are shrill now? Just wait until they have to "analyze" what Palin says in 20 minutes of a well crafted message to cheering throngs. It will drive them (further) around the bend.

Hang tough. The left has written the narrative they want to be true, and one thing we learned from the Dan Quayle experience is that they will never ever give up the narrative. They continued to call Quayle a lightweight even while he quietly ran circles around the left with his "Council on Competitiveness."

It'll be even worse for Sarah Palin. If McCain/Palin wins, the left will forever call her the "Trophy VP," and other dismissive names.

Just ignore it. Let Sarah be Sarah. People like her. The left is going to go crazy, which just means it is time to double the buy. Let's feed them all Sarah all the time!


Anonymous said...

Quayle was a deer in the headlights. It's not that he was dumb, he was just unused to the kind of scrutiny and pressure that comes with running a national political race.

This is Palin's challenge - she is also unused to the pressures and scrutiny of a national campaign. However, we have yet to know for certain whether she is able to stand up to it. If she can, she will beat back the scurrilous attacks, and she and McCain will win YOOGE in November.

The left is, justifiably, terrified of this woman. Which is really pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Jack is now propagating the smear that Palin is a 'wolf killer' because she authorized a bounty of $150 for wolves killed on the South Peninsula. Of course, he doesn't bother to mention that it was at the recommendation of Alaska's Division of Wildlife Conservation because the the precipitous decline of the Caribou herds in the area. The wolves had reduced the caribou population from about 4100 down to about 600 when she authorized the bounty.

Ex-European said...

It is sad though how few people of high intellectual caliber support the one and only attribute that sets America apart from the rest of the world and is responsible for its unprecedented success: Support for limited government.

Why is there such a high correlation between intellectualism and support for big government?