Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Their contempt for us is palpable

Maureen Dowd's column in the New York Time on Sunday. A must read, if you want a good example of the utter contempt the east coast liberals have for all of us in "Flyover country."


RINO WATCH said...

As I posted earlier today, "If there ever was a disgusting piece of crap written by this Non-Babe this is it! Jealousness wreaks from this Spinster Maiden who can't find a husband, and knows nothing about being a mother, good or bad."

I stopped short of saying that if you've heard Dowd speak you'd understand why men run.

Sara said...

I don't like the Palin pick, but not because of who she is or isn't.

No, The problem with Palin, isn't with Palin. It's with McCain.

He decided to throw a woman on the stage (one he knows as much about as we do) just in the attempts to garner votes.

If you think he picked Palin for her politics, think again. There are better known and better qualified candidates for VP, including other Republican women (i.e. Olympia Snowe).

I don't think it's fair for the media (or anyone) to come down on Palin for her looks...but Dowd's point (albeit sarcastically) is that McCain picked Palin for exactly that - her image.

RINO WATCH said...


You have got to be kidding!

Olympia Snowe is a RINO. Why would John McCain, who was/is on thin ice with the Conservative base of the Republican party, select a RINO?

Olympia Snowe, LOL......

Anonymous said...

All across the 'net, people are complaining that McCain picked Palin for political reasons. Well, duh! A VP pick is supposed to give your campaign something politically - help you with a constituent group, deliver a state win.

The VP job is a nothing position - the idea that you "have" to pick someone who's ready for the top job on day one is ridiculous. Dick Cheney is probably the only VP in recent memory who was really ready to do that.

lor said...

You might not like Snowe, but even Republican insiders say the Palin pick was "too gimmicky" and it's going to tank McCain's bid for President.

In case you missed it: