Saturday, May 24, 2008


Short takes on a few current issues:

Obama's Portland speech: I couldn't believe that this didn't get more attention. Obama stood in front of 75,000 people and told them that they couldn't eat what they want and keep their houses at 72 degrees year round. Really? So an Obama presidency means what, bread lines? Government control over our consumption habits? The more this guy talks, the more he is revealed for the Marxist he is.

Oregon Primary: The Lindland victory was impressive. He thumped Phyllis Thiemann by 18 points. Novick ran a good campaign but the Democrat establishment was too strong. Merkley is a stiff, though, and will get schooled by Gordon Smith.

The CD 5 race was disappointing. I was against Mannix doing what he did. Not because it backfired - it didn't. He was way behind before bringing up the issue, and he lost by less than 2%. I was against it because of how I knew it would foul the waters. What of the next successful businessman who thinks about running for office? I like Kevin and I voted for him, but I care more about the party, and I thought that bringing this issue up as he did when he did would be bad for the party.

And that turned out to be true. Now we have every high profile Republican running away from Erickson, and a winnable seat now looks lost.

Portland. Good riddance. Sam Adams will accelerate Portland's economic decline. The rest of the clowns will just be along for the ride.

Good to see Sheriff Craig Roberts won in a landslide. Jeers to my fellow Republicans who pushed the charlatan La Manna.

Dave Mowry got into a runoff against Charlotte Lehan for Clackamas County Commissioner. This is a race I will be talking about. Dave is a great candidate, and Lehan is just another Metro-clone. She's a complete socialist.


Anonymous said...

If you've heard of Tony Rezko ... then this is what that's all about: a federal investigation called Operation Board Games aimed at corruption/payola in Chicago politics called "pay to play".

The whole story unfolds:

Anonymous said...

rob- CD 5 failures all around.

first - Mannix should never had to release the information about Erickson. Oregon Right to Life had the info for two years. They should have released it or gotten it to Nigel Jaquiss or someone to get it out. If they had, Mannix would likely be the nominee.

second - Erickson botched bigtime the response. Had he held a press conference and acknowledged a mistake, ask for forgiveness and told all how this one mistake has changed his life it would have been a one day story and his attacks on Mannix mudslinging would have had some credibility. He, we all, would be surprised at how forgiving the public is. Admit, ask for forgiveness, acknowledge how the event changed his perspectives on the life issue.

third - Rob, to say that this event will dissuade business people from running for office is ridiculous. Only business people who pay for ex-girlfriends abortions and then lie about it maybe. Mike made his bed and now he will sleep in it. Unfortunately, for all of us we get the benefit of another Democrat in Congress. Mike should withdraw and let the GOP appoint a replacement. Business people should be encouraged to run for office, the electorate doesn't expect perfection but honesty. No one is perfect, everyone has done things that they would not want on the front page of the Oregonian. Honesty - Mike is not honest - or he is an idiot ($300 and dropping off the girl but no idea what for) yeah right.

Wrap - ORTL responsible for Schrader in Congress, Mike botched the response and honest business people should run for public office.

Gibby said...

Rob, Looking forward to more info on Mowry. I live in Clackamas County.

Erickson and/or his opponent are both poor options for Oregon. I am surprised voters did not see thru Erickson as well as they did Lamanna.

I said good riddance to Pdx 15 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Mowry is close to the Roberts brand of leadership with common sense and sound policy ahead of agendas.

His opponent, Lehan, is the reverse with her strong allegiance to Metro's agenda that steals from basic services to fund municipal schemes that don't pan out.
The resulting imbalances that have stifled Lehan's Wilsonville is a model for lousy leadership, bad planning and mismanagement. Soaring debt devouring more and more property taxes, starved basic services, worsening traffic ignored, and a severe shortage of affordable housing makes Lehan's Wilsonville what the county does NOT want to repeat county wide.

Mowry over Lehan is as much a no brainer as Roberts over LaManna.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the entire state of Oregon is swirling the bowl.