Thursday, May 15, 2008

Craig Roberts, Clackamas County Sheriff

My blogging has been sporadic lately. Election time is here and I've been pretty active in various races. But there is one race I have no involvement in at all, but feel very strongly about: Craig Roberts for Clackamas County Sheriff.

I wouldn't know anything about this fellow were it not for my friend Steve Schopp, who started telling me about three years ago how Craig Roberts had taken over the Clackamas County law enforcement operation and was making all sorts of common sense management changes.

Many of you no doubt know Steve. If you do, then you know: when he says something that is going on is screwed up, he is right. When he tells you something that is going on is on the money, he is right.

Over the lst two or three years, Steve continued to tell me about the things being done in Clack Co. I had occasion to get to know one of Roberts' deputies, and could tell from what he told me that what we had in Craig Roberts was a guy who couldn't care less about politics, he was just going to manage the county law enforcement operation and get the very most out of the resources he had.

A month ago or so I finally met Sheriff Roberts. We had breakfast, and talked for quite some time. Everything Steve Schopp told me about this guy was absolutely true (not that I was surprised.)

Craig Roberts is EXACTLY what we need in government. He's a lifetime law enforcement officer, but I would support him for whatever he wanted to do. If you live in Clack County and don't vote for Craig Roberts, then shame on you.

I know there is some guy running around who apparently has personal wealth and wants very badly to wear the biggest badge, and he is apparently a Republican. I don't care.

I don't know if Craig Roberts is a Democrat or a Republican, and I don't care. He doesn't manage the Clackamas County Sheriff's office as a Democrat or a Republican, he manages it as an incredibly talented executive without any political agenda whatever.

I can't express how impressed I am with Craig Roberts. If you live in Clack Co - please vote for him.


RINO WATCH said...

Schopp has been in my ear about Sheriff Roberts for several years too.
Dead on point! This job has nothing to do with party partianship.

Roberts for Clack County Sheriff!

Anonymous said...

And make sure to vote for Andy Erwin for Wash county judge and get Rogers off the bench!!

TR said...


I already voted... Shame on me.

I respect your opinion - I look forward to the debate this fall as the two of them debate the issues.

Anonymous said...

tr said...

You made a huge mistake. Next time do your homework. If Lamanna wins, you will be paying a hell of a lot more when he destroys that office, the work and the programs Roberts worked so hard for.

TR said...

Anon 3:45

I wouldn't call it a mistake.

I don't call competition a mistake.

Clearly Roberts has done a good job, but what's wrong with a contest?

Anonymous said...

Roberts is dead weigth and I wouldn't vote for him, even if he were the only one on the ballet. LaManna is a true blue sherriff and has the education and experence to back him up. he is as good as they come. I voted for LaManna and I am sad that Roberts will be doing another term of poor service to our community. SHAME on everyone that did not do thier research prior to voting.

Anonymous said...


You could not be a bigger liar.

LaManna is short onboth experience and ethics. You own integrity is obviously lacking as it is you who is out to lunch.

What did you research?

There is not a shred of truth to your claim of dead weight.
So where do you get your impressions?

Are you some disgruntled hack?

Where do you get your ideas about what Roberts has done?

If you had any grasp of truth and reality you would know of the tremendous reform Roberts has brought.
And is doesn't take too much research to find out.

In stark contrast LaManna couldn't tell the truth. Not about his residency, FBI crime statistics, the jail needs, funding, or spending by the Sheriff's office.

So where do you get your BS anyway?

I really want to know.

Anonymous said...

For that matter where did LaManna "research"?

It certainly wasn't with anyone in law enforcement in the county.

All of whom support all of the reform Roberts is delivering.

Yet your guy was out there misleading people into believing Roberts had reformed nothing.

If LaManna wants to get back into law enforcement tell him to go get a job and more experience.

And some smarts. He would have had a better shot at getting elected in any other county. Including the one he actually lives in.

Anonymous said...

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