Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oregon's biggest religious holiday

Happy Earth Day!

Ironic, isn't it, that The Funny Paper lead editorial today lectures us (once again) on the pending doom of global warming, while the REAL news is the likely fruit crop failure all over the state due to the late spring freeze and record low temperatures.

Over at the Wall Street Journal, one of the founders of Greenpeace writes an op-ed piece about how the environmental movement ignores science in pursuit of their political agenda. And the BrainstormNW Magazine cover story this month exposes the carbon credit trading system scam.

But for adherents to the state's largest religion, things like data and evidence and logic don't really matter. As former U.S. Senator from Colorado and Clinton's Assistant Secretary of State for Global Affairs said to Science Magazine in 1991:

"We've got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing, in terms of economic policy and environmental policy. "

The point, of course, is that it literally doesn't matter if man is actually causing the planet to warm. It is the policies they want - global warming is just a pretext.


Anonymous said...

Kremer - fuck you. I am sick of your retarted flat earth denial anti-environment ranting.

Its because of people like you that the environment is so screwed up.

MAX Redline said...

Ah, more rational discourse from the ever-reasonable adherents to the Religion of Global Warming™.

You'd think that if the anony-mouse was so concerned about the environment, he wouldn't use a computer. They burn electricity, you know.

But, that's irrelevant: all that matters to these "retarts" (whatever a "retart" may be) is a theology based upon dictating how you will live. The "enlightened" acolytes can do whatever they want, because they're "special".

Anthony A said...

How tolerant

Anonymous said...

I am sick of your retarted flat earth denial anti-environment ranting.

And the rest of us are sick of foolish true believing idiots like you and your name calling.

rickyragg said...

I believe that the AGW folks simply exhibit the insecurity and paranoia of the left as a whole - and not just on this issue.

The fear of being wrong, instead of triggering a desire to learn, instead triggers the Stalinist desire to force others to conform. Indeed, the desire to make nature (human or geophysical) itself conform.

This is easily demonstrated in the AGW "debate" as the proponents employ more and more scientifically tortured explanations to "support" their case in the face of new, hard evidence that disagrees with their predictions. They've become a moving target because they're dodging the facts.

Their answer to the question of "when will you change your mind on AGW" is essentially "when Hell freezes over".

Anonymous said...

"Its because of people like you [Kremer] that the environment is so screwed up."

Hmmm let's test that idea.

The City of Portland has more sitting superfund sites than most cities.

The backlog of dilapidated and leaking sewer pipes buried in stream beds is in the Billions and growing .

Government is the biggest polluter in the Oregon.

On global warming? There is no human CO2 global warming and CO2 is not even a pollutant.

Who's the flat earther?

Anon 7:00 PM and Al Gore can throw grand mal tantrums and f bombs all they want and the facts won't change.

But in this new era of craziness these flat earthers will stay true even after ice circumnavigates the globe.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know what the optimal earth temperature is? I'm freezing my ass off this Spring -- I'd like to see some warming.

When is someone going to ask these liberal morons just what the temperature should be?

Anonymous said...

When Progs have the economy mostly collectivized thanks to "climate change" regulations - and they need an encore to finish the job, they'll tackle the pressing issue of "plate tectonics".

Anonymous said...

We had a snow storm here in Klamath Falls today. Brrrr.....

Anonymous said...

All these Eviro-goofballs have themselves in such a tangle of lies they can't even see or grasp anything logical.

Every one of their arguments is based on a theory or a "think so," then the next guy comes along with his "think so" based on what the first guy dreamed up, and the third guy adds to that and somehow it has been adopted as the politically correct way to think and fed to us through every media and education outlet available.

It's nothing but madness. No wonder our public schools are a big flop.

Robert L said...

It's funny how a majority of scientists get accused of being liberals simply for believing the evidence they have uncovered.

Whats so scary about the idea that human activity may be causing global warming? You might have eto change some things in your lives? Oh, boo hoo.

However, please continue to discount the science because it refuses to conform to your ideology. Worked so well for the Catholic Church in the sixteenth and seventeenth centures.