Saturday, April 12, 2008

Does Barack Obama hate America?

Read this article.

The company a person keeps reveals a lot. Barack Obama has a long history of close associations with some very troubling people. Communists and terrorists. No kidding.

This is going to be so much fun, when John McCain starts bringing it up.


Anonymous said...

Just because he hangs out with 70's radicals who bombed things in a rage against the machine and consorts with America hating pastors and have as mentors aged communists and marries a woman who shouts about blacks being excluded from America's caste system even though she has degrees from the most presigious universities and holds jobs in the most elite institutions - you think that Obama has a problem?

MAX Redline said...

What that anonymous said. Geeze, what's the matter with you? Get a grip! Obama's the new JFK and the new Messiah all rolled up into one. Don't you read the papers?

Oh. Well, that's okay, neither do I. After I got out of raising birds, I didn't see any need to keep subscribing to The Oregonian.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that there are people out there in my home state that are revealing the truth, not just spouting off nonsensical themes on paranoia or brazenly displaying the fruits of a population scared senseless by itself. Great job guys!
I suppose that you may not have caught the sarcasm, so I'll illustrate it for you: I'm being sarcastic.
OBAMA '08!
(If you spell that backwards and turn it into symbols it shows the face of the DEVIL!)

Rob Kremer said...

And thank you, Anon, for the substantive response to the issue.

Obama hangs our with a person who bombed the Pentagon. No problem? Nonsensical theme? Paranoia?

Ok then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Facetious, please clue us in on any plan Barry has to improve this country.


The dude is completely devoid of any details on how he'll make everything better. All he offers are talking points and demagoguery.

Sanjay said...

Does berack Obama hate America I like this are country the companyu a person keeps reveals a lot.

Anonymous said...

Barack is my guy....and i am white!!

Anonymous said...

when i was eight years old i hung out with the black panthers and iam white!!!

Laughing Hysterically said...

Like my father used to say........"everyone is entitled to their just can't help what some idiots do with theirs".

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

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