Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama's troubling sense of moral equivalence

In the Pennslvania debate last night, Barack Obama onc again put on display his odd tendency to brush aside his close association with people who do and say outrageous things, justifying it with a wierd moral equivalence.

You remember when he made his famous speech on race, and said he could no more disassociate himself from Rev. Wright for his racist and anti-American rantings than he could disown his grandmother because she once told him she was “uncomfortable” when she saw a black man near her on the street.

Oh yeah, those are the same thing.

Last night he was trying to explain why he as maintained a close relationship with Bill Ayers, who as part of the 1970’s radical Weather Underground, placed bombs in the Pentagon and other buildings. A terrorist. An unrepentant terrorist, who after 9-11 said he wished they had done more.

Obama rolled out his warped moral equivalence again. He said that he is also friends with U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, who once said he thought the death penalty maybe should apply to abortionists. Should he disassociate himself with Coburn, Obama asked?

Are those the same things? A terrorist planting bombs on both military and civilian targets, and a politician who suggests that a certain criminal due process maybe should apply to people he thinks are acting illegally? Really?

Obama is clearly well-versed in the post-modernist ethos of moral relativism. This is a dangerous man.

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Robert L said...

You mean like McCain and Hagee?