Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Funny Paper: OHSU Apologist

Right on cue, The Funny Paper provides cover for the OHSU swindlers. They wrote a kid-glove editorial, saying, essentially, "things are on the right track now."

The Funny Paper was complicit in the swindle. They failed to scrutinize the ridiculous claims of 10,000 biotech jobs, and cheerled as OHSU borrowed (then wasted) $200 million in "Oregon Opportunity Funds," and built their shrine to Peter Kohler.

It was all based not just on lies, but on easily detected lies. Only because The Funny Paper ran interference could they have perpetrated this swindle.

And now we get the editorial, saying all will be OK. Nobody held accountable, again.

Dr. Peter Kohler drove the institution toward an ambitious vision as an economic development dynamo that would power an emergent biotech sector in Portland, but Robertson must focus on tying up some of Kohler's loose ends.

LOOSE ENDS? That's how they characterize it? Kohler sold a bill of goods, and they are losing $50 million a year, and The Funny Paper acts as if it is just a couple of details that aren't quite tied down to complete his vision.

Then we are treated to the apologia:
Even if OHSU never becomes quite the biotech dynamo that some proclaimed, it can strengthen its role as an anchor in the city's economy and the region's medical infrastructure. The region has a lot invested in its success.

What a laugh! Even if it doesn't "quite" create 10,000 jobs! How about ONE?

The fact is, the whole OHSU/South Waterfront swindle was basically the Neil Goldschmidt Mafia's capstone boondoggle, and The Funny Paper should be held accountable for its role in allowing it to happen.


Anonymous said...

Although the internet certainly plays a part, the circulation plunge at the Oregonian continues unabated because the editorial board and reporting slant does not fit Oregonians. Anyone who reads this blog should not only not have a subscription to the Funny Paper, but should also never buy one at a newsstand. "We don't read the Oregonian."

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