Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blue Oregon BlueBlockers

How could it be that the political earthquake that threatens the governing authority of Ted Kulongoski has gone without comment at the leading Oregon liberal political blog, BlueOregon.com?

Everyone saw the news. Fred Leonhardt's story was corroborated by about 15 different sources. There is only one holdout - only one person who Leonhardt says he told who denies it: Governor Kulongoski.

But over at BlueOregon, not a single post or comment when it becomes ever more apparent that the Governor protected a child molester. Not even a rebuttal. No, the release of the Guisto report was the occasion only for a BlueOregon thread on Senator Wyden's new twins and a post lamenting that Keith Olberman might not be so easy to watch on Comcast.

Go ahead, BlueOregon. Ignore the story. That worked out great for the Oregonian.


Anonymous said...


You really cannot be that surprised by the folks over at BlueOregon. They are not going to shoot at their own.

I only have one word for Kari and the others over there who will not face the facts that Kulongoski knew, and he knew a long time before the story was broken by Willamette Week - T R O L L S!!!!

Rob Kremer said...

Who said anything about being surprised?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to imply you were surprised - I didn't really think you were. We both know the guys at BlueOregon are not going to go after, or even question their beloved Governor about this issue. In their eyes he is Saint Ted!

However you are right, it is time for folks in Oregon, even liberal democrats, to wake up to this story!

Anonymous said...

One Democrat has already woke up. His name is Fred Leonhard. He has staked much, and lost much. Why? What did he gain? Follow his money trail, what did he earn? The only thing I can see is that he earned a night's sleep. He told the truth. And he is still telling the truth. Read the full report (318pps), okay read just Fred's part. Then read Kantor and what he says about Fred. Then read Imeson and what he says. Pay particular attention to when Imeson says "denied" versus "does not recall". Huge difference, that! Then read about the party, and the behind the couch 20min conversation with TeddyK. Then read what Margie says about Fred. Then read what Fred's wife saw when Fred and TeddyK were behind the couch, for 20mins. Fred has credibility. Fred is believable. TeddyK, not so much.

Kari? Kari is just a tool for TeddyK and any other future Democrat whose services Kari is grovelling for. Pity Kari, just as you should pity the prostitutes walking the street... a sad way to make a living. Maybe Kari will change when he has daughters of his own, just like Fred has.

Rob Kremer said...

Yes, Anon, all that has been duly chronicled here. Leonhardt is the one guy who has told the truth through this whole sordid thing.

I read the relevant parts of the report - one after another person in the know confirms Leonhardt's story.

It all strikes very close to home for me, because when my daughter was 12, 13, and 14, Neil Goldschmidt lived two doors down the street.