Monday, October 29, 2007

Closing in on the Governor

So the Guisto report is out, and it is not good news for Ted Kulongoski.

Guisto admitted to investigators that he told Fred Leonhardt about Neil Goldschmidt's sexual abuse of the girl. Leonhardt's story on this important piece of the puzzle - previously denied by Guisto - has been confirmed.

Why is this bad for Ted? Leonhardt was on of Kulongoski's close friends and confidants. This was early 1990's, after Goldschmidt was no longer governor, and Kulongoski was planning a run for Attorney General, and Goldschmidt was his primary political patron.

Wouldn't it strain credulity to for Leonhardt to know about Goldschmidt's secret and NOT tell Kulongioski? Your very close friend is planning a run for statewide office, using the influence of the former Governor. You know the former governor is a child molester, and the story could get out, and you wouldn't tell your friend?

Of course you would. Of course Leonhardt told Kulongoski.

Which means that Ted Kulongoski knew the story, but used Goldschmidt's influence to further his career anyway. And when he became governor, he appointed Goldschmidt to the State Board of Higher Education!

(I'm sure Neil was pissed - he likes younger girls. He probably wanted to be on the K-12 State Board!)

It will be interesting to see what moral and mental gymnastics the BlueOregon crowd does on this now.

Face it: Our Honorable Governor protected a child molester for his own career advancement.

Wonderful, wonderful people who run our government.


Victoria Taft said...

Blue Oregon has nothing,Rob. Except the stuff I posted on their comments!

Anonymous said...


I looked back over your posts from last November (Remember last November when we elected this guy) and no one was concerned about this stuff. Well I have really strong feelings that there is more to this story. I think if Guisto goes down he'll take the Governor with him. Each time I read more about this story, Leonhardt's version gets more credible. The Governor won't sign the statement, nor will he make it in the form of an affidavit that was asked for by the Board. Something is definitley up! The Governor is a lawyer, and he knows if he puts his statement in a signed and sworn affidavit, and it is not the truth, he could potentially be found to have lied under oath. Not something he really he wants to be tagged with, I'm sure. I sure hope Nigel over at Willamette Week follows this one up. I still think the "Funny Paper" will drop the ball!

Anonymous said...

For the Funny Paper, the Goldschmidt story ended when they reprinted Willamette Week's expose. They understand that nothing is going to happen to Kulongoski - even if he held the girl down while Goldschmidt abused her. The people of this State aren't going to care - they're about to vote to return property rights to where they were under King George before the American Revolution. The King must have his Concubines.