Monday, June 18, 2007

A tenured radical

Today I was surfing the net, doing some research for my next BrainstormNW column, and I ran across this education professor's web site.

Incredible that taxpayers pay for this kind of dolt to indoctrinate those who would teach our kids. Read his site - find anything there about teaching kids to read or write or do math? Nope.

For him, being a teacher is all about changing the world, eradicating capitalism and establishing "social jusice." Can't be bothered with teaching kids to read when we have a higher calling.

On one level it is very amusing. The guy is almost a caricature of a moist-eyed, dreamy ivory tower professor. But on another level I just get angry. Guy's like this pervade the colleges of education. They have a virtual monopoly on the supply of people certified to teach in our K-12 classrooms. They act as something of an ideological screen for entry into the teaching profession.

I read a few of his writings and wondered: if this guy wasn't employed by a state institution, safely ensconsed in a tenured position, what would he possibly be qualified to do for a living?


Anonymous said...

"Can't be bothered with teaching kids to read when we have a higher calling."

That is the case with most bloggers
and MSM coverage of public education. Political and ideological power struggles underscore most of what is covered except when the subject involves revenue. All the while maintaining strict taboos where spending or accountability are concerned.

Anonymous said...


He's a lot like you; he despises the teacher unions, he argues for teaching ideology instead of content, and he makes vastly inaccurate and hyperbolic statements. Seems fitting that you would have run for a taxpayer supported job like Supt. of Public Education.

This guy DOES NOT represent the education establishment and I will write him to tell him so.


jk said...

equality: from each according to their ability, to each according to their need

The reality:
"they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work"

This is the fatal flaw in socialism and similar schemes: disconnect reward from work and everyone lines up for the reward, but no one lines up for the work.