Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OK, I realize this will be perhaps the most unpopular post I ever made to this blog.

Honestly, I understand. I didn't want to wipe the beautiful visage of my daughter off the top of my blog either. That's one reason I've not posted anything since.

I mean really - put yourself in my shoes. People wander to the blog from one place or another and see my daughter's picture. They'll probably hang out awhile. I'd rather look at her than read my stuff too. But the blog must go on. Sorry. I gotta bump her picture down.

So,what is so darn important as to take precedence over my beautiful daughter? Nothing. This post won't bring up another topic - that will be for tomorrow.

This post is just to warn everyone that you will no longer be greeted on the front page by the beautiful face of Jessica when you come.

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