Thursday, June 14, 2007

Del Monte raid

There's one angle of the whole illegal immigration issue that the amnesty crowd such as the Oregonian editors and Mayor Tom Potter never seem to mention.

In the Del Monte raid news accounts and the followup editorial in the Oregonian, everyone was quick to mention that the folks who trafficked in fake federal documents should indeed be arrested. "That's a crime," said Potter, and the Oregonian.

Well, guess what, guys? Using a stolen Social Security number is also a crime. And I'll bet that 100% of the people arrested at Del Monte had fake SS#'s. Isn't that a crime?

What would happen if I gave a fake SS# to my employer? Would they just look the other way?


Anonymous said...

Right on! Right on! Right on!!!!

Rick Hickey said...

AP says-48 out of 600 had false S.S.#! a Class "C" Felony and signing an I-9 is PERJURY & 2nd Illegal Entry into U.S. is a Felony also.

YES as I have said many times, ILLEGAL Immigration is a huge and serious issue that can win or lose elctions AND it is next to IRAQ, Most important for everybody..


Someone give me a 'RECALL' petition on Tom Potter and Governor Kook and any other official that refuses to do right by the Legitimate Citizens of this state, I WILL SIGN IT!


(14th Amendment bender/abusers don't count, otherwise technically known as Anchor Babies, NOT Legitimate Citizens according to the 14th Amendment. As Lars said it so well this week -- "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY")

Anonymous said...

The million dollar question is:

Is this the final act of lunacy that will doom Tom Potter politically.... OR....

Is this a brilliant move by Potter to pander to the uber-liberals and kick off his bid for a second term.

I honestly don't know.

Dave Lister

Phil Jones said...

Another aspect of illegal aliens who use false SSN's is that they commit tax fraud by declaring 8 or 9 dependents, thereby having no income taxes other than Social Security deducted from their paychecks.

Why does mass media seem to ignore Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud when reporting on the illegal alien issue?