Friday, January 26, 2007

Today's global warming news .....

Who'd have thought that global warming, which is such a slow developing story that the concern is an increase in average mean temperature of .6 degrees over an entire century, requires daily updates in the Oregonian.

Ever had the feeling that someone was trying just a little too hard to convince of you of something? That it was just a little too important to them that you believe it, and you suspected that maybe they weren't giving you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but that the information they presented to convince you was perhaps just a little shaded in favor of what they wanted you to believe?

I get that feeling when I read the Oregonian's global warming drumbeat. It is almost getting laughable.

I have never seen a single article in the Oregonian that discussed research or scientists views on the single most important question in the global warming debate: is there a direct causal relationship between CO2 and global mean temperature. If not, this entire issue disappears.

If CO2 is not the culprit, then it doesn't matter how much or how little the glaciers are receding, the ocean levels rising, etc etc. It means that man isn't causing it to happen, and the whole edifice of the alarmist crowd comes crashing down upon them.

Is that perhaps why the Oregonian and all their pew-mates in the church of global warming seem to want to keep you eye off the ball of whether CO2 actually causes warming?

The "evidence" they have that says CO2 does cause warming is the global climate models. Which is to say, actually, that they think CO2 causes warming because the models they created assume that CO2 causes warming.

Today's entry in the Oregonian's global warming hysteria series is actually pretty funny. Remember how biotech was going to be the next big thing to bring Oregon jobs? The Oregonian cheerleaded that scam all the way to the Tram. Number of new biotech jobs? Zippo. [Oh, wait, we did get a Genentech packaging plant out of the deal.]

Now, the Oregonian tells us, the next big thing is sustainability and alternative energy. Oregon is going to lead the nation in demonstrating how to develop low carbon impact stuff, and it will be a boon to Oregon's economy and save the world in the process.

The lead editorial has a great headline, hinting at the hype we are all in for:

The Little State That Could
Oregon "has all the ingredients," including leadership
to help pull the nation ahead on energy and climate issues
Examples given in the editorial:
1. "Several bills aimed at enlarging the production of alternative fuels." In other words - subsidies to get farmers to produce things that don't make economic sense.
2. "Bills to expand renewable sources of energy." In other words, subsidies for windmills and other energy production facilities that don't make economic sense.
3. Bills to "ecourage manufacturers to meet clean energy standards." In other words, regulations on business.
4. Bills to "spur more homeowners to install solar systems and energy efficient appliances." In other words, subsidies so people do things that don't make economic sense.
The Oregonian goes on to talk about the Governor's "cap and trade" proposal, and to say it would be far better if it was a national thing, but if not, we are right to "go it alone."
We have "too much to lose," they explain - coastline, glaciers and forest. What they don't touch is whether an Oregon only system of cap and trade would actually make any difference. Not a whisper of whether the reduction in CO2 from such a program would be enough to have any effect. Why not?
Easy question - they don't discuss results of an Oregon only cap and trade because for liberals, results don't matter. And because discussing results might risk swerving into a discussion of CO2 and whether it is causing warming in the first place.
No, better to gloss over dangerous issues like this and keep the hype going. Lather praise on anybody who goes along, and don't discuss any doubts. And definitely don't give credence to any skeptics - that only gives them credibility. Make sure everyone knows that global warming skeptics are flat earthers - not to be taken seriously.
After all, those are the same people who said that biotech would never be a big deal in Oregon, and CIM/CAM was going to fail.


Mick said...

I'm not sure which is funnier: that the Oregonian covers global warming every day or that YOU cover the Oregonian covering global warming every day.

Boze Noze said...

For a real good primer on how CO2 works in the atmosphere check out:

It does contribute to warming but the impact is greatly exagerated.

Besides without some greenhouse effect, our climate would be like the moon's...

Anonymous said...

If you think the Oregonian's coverage is bad. Wait till you see whats coming out of the city of Portland's committee on PEAK Oil.

They literally have an action plan that borders on insanity. No scratch that, its at least unfit enough to require medication for those who think it credible. Close enough to insanity to meet at least a few diagnosis.

Jim Karlock said...

You can get a copy of the draft report right now from this page:


Max said...

Well, clearly we're all gonna die and it's all your fault.

And in the 1970's the hysteria was about global cooling - also all your fault.

By now, glaciers were supposed to extend to the equator, and it was all your fault. It's pretty chilly outside right now, but damn - I've yet to see a penguin. Or for that matter, a polar bear.

Anonymous said...

Whip and drive the global warming unbelievers through the streets to the gallows. The Great Being of Environmental Harmony demands action from the faithful. The devil Bush's plot to melt the Earth will be stopped.