Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Global Warming Alert

I've decided to chronicle, on this blog, the extent of the hype surrounding global warming by monitoring the number and nature of the Oregonian's articles on the issue.

Today we were rewarded with a major article and an editorial - a global warming two-fer!

The gist of the article was the big news that ten major corporations (some of them energy companies!) along with some environmental organizations, have sent an entreaty to the President to enact some mandatory CO2 limits.

The editorial scolded the President for being a follower rather than a leader on CO2 limits.

Big news, though, that big corporations are now saying we need mandatory CO2 limits, right? Especially if they are energy companies. I mean heck, enrgy companies are the biggest culprits in the CO2 problem, and so if they now recognize that things must change, how can the "oil-man" President continue to deny reality?

Not so fast.

What do you want to bet that the energy companies who signed onto the memo are those that already use natural gas and hydroelectric sources for the energy they produce? And so mandatory limits would increase their competitive position in their market?

Among the signers was: Duke Energy - natural gas. PGE - hydroelectric. Hmm.... wouldn't caps on CO2 emissions make these guys more profitable?

What we really have here is big companies begging the government to regulate their competitors. Nothing new, but when it uses the global warming issue as the basis for their demand, they can be certain to get all the mainstream media going along with the ruse.


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Anonymous said...

For a while, and just for fun, I've been copying links to stories about crazy global warming predictions ("All ocean life extinct in 50 years!"). It will be fun to look back on when I'm old and find that nothing happened.

There is no link between CO2 emissions and climate change or atmospheric warming. www.junkscience.com is a great site for debunking all this nonsense.