Sunday, January 08, 2006

Saxton for Governor

I am supporting Ron Saxton’s effort to win the Republican nomination for Governor.

I have taken awhile to make this decision, because we have three very solid Republican candidates. I would happily and enthusiastically support any of them in the general election, but I think Ron Saxton is the best candidate, and so I will work to help him win the primary in May.

Before going into my reasons for supporting Ron, I want to address an important issue: lots of conservative bloggers have been trying to paint Ron Saxton as a liberal, or as an inauthentic Republican - a RINO.

Let me put it simply: They are wrong.

Ron is not only the most fiscally conservative candidate running for governor, I believe he has the best grasp of precisely what is wrong about they way Oregon government operates right now and how to correct it.

On social issues, Ron is conservative where it matters: he would sign a ban on partial birth abortion, and he supports parental notification. He may not be as much as an abortion purist as the other candidates, but I have news for you: it doesn’t matter who the governor is – you’re not going to get more than this.

There’s been a lot of discussion about Ron’s association with Diana Goldschmidt, which, it is claimed, taints him because she is married to Neil Goldschmidt. Diana is a long time loyal Republican, and she supported Ron’s last run for Governor. Ron was instrumental in bringing Diana in to serve as interim superintendent of PPS, which was a very good move.

Did Ron’s firm also have various business dealings with Neil? Of course. Ron was the managing partner of a large law firm in Portland. Goldschmidt was involved with most every significant business deal in the city. Their professional lives inevitably crossed.

The real issue here is that Ron’s opponents want you to believe that he is a part of the “central planning/pro-light-rail/anti-car/anti property rights” culture that Goldschmidt ushered in and that has so badly damaged Portland and Oregon.

He’s not. I know him; I’ve talked with him at length about every one of these issues. I’ve literally drilled him on the gamut of things that drive me crazy about the political culture in Oregon. He’s as disgusted as I am about the way things are done here.

More important, he understands what he needs to do as governor to correct it, starting with a wholesale change of the people at every level of state government.

He understands that we need more roads, and that light rail is a bad investment if our goal is actually to move people as efficiently as possible. He understands that the land use system in Oregon has created hundreds of planning fiefdoms in city halls and county seats in every corner of the state that make building even the simplest structure an expensive and frustrating nightmare.

He understands that government’s job should not be to pick winners and losers, and that our land use laws are one of the single biggest obstacles to job growth in Oregon. (The tax structure is another.) He understands that competition is critical to reforming schools, and that PERS is devouring the budgets of every level of government.

I’ve talked with Ron at length about all of these things and more. I think his rural/farming background combines with his legal/business dealings in his professional life to give him a visceral understanding of what is wrong with Oregon. I don’t think the other candidates grasp it quite as well.

And that is why I am supporting Ron Saxton for governor.

One last thing: Ron has the best chance of any Republican candidate to win in November. Hands down. Any Republican who wants to win a statewide race in Oregon better have some strategy to pull 33-35% of the votes in Multnomah County. Ron is the only one who could do that.

In fact, I think that the primary will be a harder race for Ron to win than the general election.

So I urge you to take another look at Ron Saxton, and make a judgment for yourself. There are plenty of people I respect trying to make him appear to be a latte liberal RINO. I get that – they have chosen sides and are trying to help their candidate.

But it's not true. I like the other candidates both personally and politically, and I will not attempt to run either of them down. They each have many things to recommend them, and I would hope that their supporters would focus their energy on convincing people of these positive attributes rather than trying to denigrate Ron Saxton.

I don't think most people think I am a liberal, nor Don McIntire, who is also supporting Ron.

All I ask is that you take some time to listen to what Ron has to say, and judge for yourself whether he has a good handle on how to turn around the damage done in 25 years of Goldscmidt/Roberts/Katz/Kitz/Kulongoski rule in Oregon.


Anonymous said...


I've been reading all the other blogs, most of which are Atkinson supporters, and I was ready to just accept what they said about Saxton was true.

OK, I will give him a new look. If he IS a conservative as you say, then I will vote for him because I totally agree that he is the best candidate for the general election.

Mannix has had his shot. He'd probably come close again, but fall just short. Plus, I just don't trust him.

I was almost convinced that Jason Atkinson was the guy until I heard them all on Lars. Mannix sounded slick, a=with his phonied-up populism schtick. Saxton was very forthright - and I heard nothing that made me think he might be a closet liberal.

But Atkinson went on and on and hogged all the air time, and once wouldn't even stop talking when Lars asked him to yeild. It wouldn't have been so bad, but he wasn't really saying anything. I don't think he really has a handle on why he's running. "Give the people back their govenment" is what he kept repeating. Sorry, too vague. I think he'll be a decent candidate in a few years when he has a little more life under his belt so he can better understand what is wrong with this state.

So, I'll give Saxton another look.

Anonymous said...

OK, Rob, I will reserve judgment until I learn more about Saxton. I figured all the stuff about him being a liberal was mostly politics

Dave Lister said...

I too am a Saxton supporter, primarily because I believe he has the best chance statewide. He's got to get hot on getting his message out though, as exhibited by the taxpayer association's straw poll. The problem for us Oregon Republicans is that only a moderate can prevail statewide, but a moderate has a tough time in the primary.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping there would be a candidate that I could get behind. I'll start listening to what Ron says. I hope you're not wrong about him, Rob.

gus miller said...

Sorry Rob:

Ron Saxton was a member of the Portland Public Schools board saying and doing nothing while the district became a budgetary basket case. That record does not deserve my vote in a primary to select a gubernatorial candidate.

Rob Kremer said...

I don't think you can hang PPS's structural problems on Ron Saxton. As one of 7 board members (and the only one with any sense)he was often a lone voice in the wilderness.

He did cause the district to use SB880, which made it easier to fire incompetent teachers, far more than any other district. During his tenure PPS used 880 to fire more teachers than every other district in Oregon combined.

Also - don't fall into the trap of overestimating the actual power a school board has to make structural changes, especially when there isn't a rock solid majority to take on the special interests.

Ron voted in favor of every single charter school proposal that came in front of the board, and at least once I recall was the lone yes vote.

I think it is unfair to dismiss him because of his tenure on that board.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

I'm still not sold on any of our Republican candidates for Governor.

Mannix is a hard sell for me. Three losses at the state level. His speech at the League of Oregon Cities dinner in November seemed phony.

Atkinson: I just don't know. No preponderance of evidence for me, let alone clear and convincing.

Saxton: I agree he may pull more Democrat voters. Still, don't see any value added over and above the other candidates yet.

Heck, If I had to decide right now, if Vicki Walker decides to run and beats sleepy Ted in the primary, I'd vote for her in November. So Republican candidates, step up your game. I'm not convinced.

Dare!PDX said...

Rob I disagree with your take on Saxton. I was open minded about him (though his last run was weak) and went to see the three gubentorial candidates debate in Washington county about a month ago.

I could not discern what made Saxton a republican. He has no overarching theory of why he's a conservative. He just says he is and that should be enough.

You say he wants more roads and does not support additional urban renewal centered lightrial/street car/tram development. Thats not what he said during the debate. He clearly came off as a light rail proponent speaking in the veiled terms of a Portland planner. With phrases like "development needs to follow infrastrucutre" and "we need many types of transportation" which to me says less roads more budget draining crap. He also supports urban renewal which is draining our state coffers hooking up developers who build monuments to the Portland city council. This makes him extremely suspect if let loose as governor.

When asked about Measure 37 he did not support the measure and thought that it was the job of a conservative governor and legislature to fix it. Thats why we should vote for him. So he could NOT give us Measure 37 (I'm not making his logic up). He then went on to say as governor he'd work hard to get better candidates for Metro. Why couldn't he do that as Ron Saxton citizen, why do we need to bribe him with a vote to get him further involved in our local party.

He also tap danced on the abortion issue. As a light pro-lifer myself I don't appreciate people who hide their thoughts on a controversial issue. (Atkinson handled the questins right by coming right out and saying "I'm pro-life but this is how I'd view the issue as governor").

I don't like Mannix as I see him truely as a democrat whose extremely socially conservative. Mannix's policies always start and finish with government. I seek a candidate who I know where they stand and why. Given the three currently running there is only one who does that.

If Saxton was more active on the local front giving those of us in the city something to be proud of I might change my tune. He's not though. Where was he fighting the various taxes that have popped up (specifically the I-tax)? Where was he during the Goldscmidt debacle at the PPS? WHere is he now during the tram boondoggle? He's running for governor without any local connection beyond those who traditionally cut big checks.

I respectfully disagree.

Steve Schopp said...

If Saxton has lingering confusion regarding his stance on light rail, "development needs to follow infrastrucutre","we need many types of transportation",
urban renewal and Measure 37 he better de-confuse immediately and loudly.
As I stated months ago following his appearacne at the Executive Club.
The most important inssues in the metro area are traffic, jails, housing and government missspending.

Dare!PDX said...

Saxton's campaign wants to correct my interpretation I'd be open to admit I misinterpreted. His answers left alot to the imagination and in Portland that means he's ultra-liberal and sugar coating it under the guise of business friendly. He also used language on the transportation issue that reminded me of Rod Monroe - not exactly encouraging.

gullyborg said...

I've made it clear that I am an Atkinson supporter. I've also made it clear that I will NOT support Mannix. If Saxton wins the primary, I will support him because, even though he is not my idea of a good Republican, he can beat Kulongoski and would be somewhat better than Kulongoski (more importantly, he could help the GOP solidify the House and make gains in the Senate).

All that said...

I just don't think Saxton is very conservative at all. I also don't think he has the right kind of leadership experience to run the state. What has he done outside of Portland? What has he done on a statewide level? Atkinson may be younger with less "paper" experience, but at least his experience has been in both the House and Senate, working on state budgets and passing state laws.

I think Saxton is in the wrong race. He would do better for himself, for the GOP, and for Oregon if he ran for, say, Mayor of Portland or moved into a "safe" democRat Senate district where he could run against someone like Kate Brown.

I also fear that his presence in the gubernatorial primary again could--once again--result in a plurality win for Kevin Mannix. Mannix only garned about 40% of the GOP vote last time around--thus, most GOP voters wanted anyone BUT Mannix, and we blew an opportunity to elect a Republican. Had Saxton sat out 2002, Jack Roberts would be governor right now. With Saxton running again, he splits the "not Mannix" vote bloc again... if Mannix wins this primary, we are doomed to four more years of Kulongoski.

So while I am not ready to pile on the "we hate Saxton" bandwagon like many of my conservative GOP colleagues, I do truly think that Atkinson is the better candidate and Saxton should think more strategically about which race he should run.

I am Coyote said...

Ok take a moment and step away from the cool aide. Your time in the Portland media is beginning to turn you native.

I have talked with Ron as well and believe that he is liberal.

Sure he may be "telling" you all the right things. After all he is running for office.

Yet he DID support the business tax increase while on the PPS board. Just one thing that he actually DID do. Not just say.

Candidates Rob, can say anything and often will. The important thing if there is any confusion, is to look at what there actions were when they had an opportunity to act.

Ron Saxton has never ACTED like a conservative. Or if he did I don't know of it. Or it was so small and inconsiquential so as not to matter.

All the personal interviews and promises don't matter when you do not have a public record to back up your rhetoric. Ron has none of it.

Ron will lose the general election by about 9%.

IF... By some magical feat, he were to actually win the general he would be a disaster as a leader of the Republican party. He would usher in the smart growthers that are making a major push into areas like Bend, Redmond and of course Eugene.

His actions say that and actions speak louder than words.

Yip Yip

: JustaDog said...

Ron is conservative where it matters - so it sounds like he'd NOT be conservative on all issues?

Although the first item you mention after the above phrase is partial birth abortion might be a novel conservative stance it really has no impact on Oregonians. How would Saxton solve issues that impact most every Oregonian, including but not limited to:

Illegal aliens in Oregon? Would he mandate driver licenses for ONLY legal residents? This would be for new and renewed licenses?

Would he advocate our law enforcement to work with federal immigration authorities to round up illegal aliens instead of the current practice of ignoring them and even promoting them?

Would he mandate that all social assistance be given only after drug testing?

A broken public school system that has dishonored the state in the most recent national public education report card - a system that continues to suck money from the taxpayers?

Excessive spending on social programs and inadaquate funding for law enforcement?

Excessive taxes because of idiotic spending habits?

Those are just some examples of what directly affects all of us. Where does he stand on these issues?

I am Coyote said...

Ron Saxton is in favor of the social engineering of the Smart Growth folks.

If he is not I want to see one instance he actually worked against them. Not what he thinks, but what he has DONE.

Rob Kremer said...

Enough with the condescension already! Puleeeze.


I can't speak for Ron, of course, but he was asked some of those questions when he appeared on Lars with Kevin and Jason.

He said drivers licenses should NOT go to illegal aliens.

He was totally against social services to illegals. (Other than schooling, which is federally mandated.)

He said he hadn't thought about drug testing as a condition for social assistance, but seemed like a good idea.

On schools - Ron understands the problem and knows the solution is competition and choice. Beleive me, I have vetted him on this issue.

He is against any tax increase and is for eliminating cap gains totally.

That's what I heard him say.

Look, guys: I understand you have lined up behind Jason. That is fine. I like Jason a lot. I don't feel it is necessary to go on some jihad to denigrate Jason or Kevin just because I have chosen to support Ron.

Is Saxton as conservative as I am? No. Do I require someone to be as conservative as me before I would support him? No.

I know you think that "proving" Ron is a liberal is the best way to help Jason, but let me suggest you would be better off highlighting Jason's many positives than trying to tear down Ron Saxton, because in the final analysis, people vote FOR candidates, rather than AGAINST them.

I am Coyote said...
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Tom said...

Funny how people keep calling Saxton a "liberal" when he's the only one who seems serious about making state government smaller, the only one willing to take on the unions, the first to tackle PERS -- don't get me wrong, I like all three candidates and will happily support any of them in the general election, but Saxton is just not a liberal.

I interviewed him for an hour on KUIK and he answered all these charges in detail - ask me and I'll mail you the audio file or lend you my audio CD.

-Tom Cox

I am Coyote said...

First of all I want to apologize for the errant comment on your site. The problems of using blogger for my site as well.

Secondly, I apologize for sounding condescending. That was not my intent at all. It was an attempt at whimsy and seems it was lost in translation.

Finally, my comments were not meant to be a jihad on Ron but merely a response to a patently errant claim.

The claim that Ron is the more conservative of the three candidates. And even the claim that Saxton is conservative.

If you support him because you like his position of higher taxes for schools then that is ok. It is a reasonable position.

If you support him because he is in favor of transportation choices, then fine. Again... Reasonable. Not conservative (which is what your original argument was) but reasonable.

The only thing conservative about Ron Saxton is his rhetoric. Perhaps that is why you support him. Okayyy... I think.

However every chance he was given to "act" his actions were liberal. I mentioned a few above and have never recieved an answer.

Well I did get a letter from his campaign manager and trying to be fair I ran it on my site as gospel. Well it turned out that even THAT was full of holes and I was left looking like a patsy.

So Tom the only attempt he made to answer those questions kinda blew up in his face. Though I will assume that it was an error on his campaign team and not a personal decision of Ron's. The lack of an apology from the campaign is of course Saxton's responsibilty.

yip yip

Anonymous said...

My big grudge against any member of the school board including Saxton was the elimination of military recruiters from High schools in the PPS.

To remove any form of choice in a free society is a wrong. Especially when that choice is serving your country.

Derry Jackson was the only member of the school board to stand up and defend poor children from having an escape from poverty. (Later Jackson was skewered for responding to Abram's racist statement with explainable indignation). Furthermore, without the military many fail to be given an opportunity for progress other than extreme hurdles set forth by liberals.

Ron Saxton failed conservatives, patriots and most of all the children of Portland when he let Marc Abrams bar recruiters from high schools. His punishment for this should be political irrelevance.

I am Coyote said...

Military recruiters? I did not know about that. While I don't find it hard to believe I need to find out that one for sure.

However as I said... On any major conservative issue of the day (whatever day it was) Saxton disappointed.

Did I forget to mention that he opposed measure 7?

If you like his rhetoric that is one thing. He may have the best rhetoric on the stump right now and to make a decision for him based on that is perfectly legitimate.

However to claim that he is the more conservative of the bunch is a real stretch.

Rob Kremer said...

Here's what I mean when I say that Ron is the most fiscally conservative of the three candidates (and note that I did say "fiscally." I will grant that he is not the most socially conservative):

Ron is the only candidate giving concrete examples of policies to make the state government smaller and more efficient, to lessen the PERS crisis, and to change the political culture that has infected all of our state agencies like so much Kudzu choking a forest of oak trees.

On Lars the other day all three candidates were asked how they would change the culture of government if they were governor. Ron's answer was straight to the heart of the problem. He said: (paraphrasing)

"If you want to change the culture, you have to change the people. I will make wholesale changes in who runs every state agency."

Those are words that reveal a man who understands the problem.

All the effort to "prove" that Ron is a liberal is kind of wearying. I don't think it helps Jason all that much, guys, because it really comes off as shrill, bordering on mean spirited.

Coyote I consider you a friend and a comrade, as I will after the primary is over. I have absolutely no problem with your support of Jason; as I said - I like Jason a lot, think there are great reasons to support him, and would wholeheartedly work for him if he wins the primary.

I wouldn't ever think of denigrating someone who supported him, claiming he had "gone native," or was "drinking Kool Aid." Same goes for Kevin Mannix and his supporters.

We are all Republicans, and Republicans can disagree and still respect each other and honor each other's reasons for disagreeing.

When we feel that supporting a candidate is not enough,that we have to also prove that we are more pure or better Republicans than the guys who support the other candidates - that is how we lose the general election.

Right now the Democrats are sitting and waiting for the Kitzhaber announcement this morning, expecting that he will decline to run, and gleefully expecting a primary season in which the Republican candidates tear each other apart while Teddy gets to sail in clear seas.

Let's prove them wrong this time, OK? For once?

Rob Kremer said...

Oh, BTW -

Ron DID NOT vote to kick the military recruiters out of Portland School District.

Let's not start making things up.

Chris McMullen said...

I think it's time for Oregon's non-liberals (Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Conservative Democrats...) to get their priorities straight. Oregon's faltering economy, bloated government and unconstitutional land-use laws are our major problems. I think worrying about someone's opinion on social concerns is currently -not- a priority.

Let's get behind someone who will clean house in Salem, fight for property rights and lower taxes. I'm beginning to think Saxton is the right guy for the job.

Tony said...


I respect ya my friend, but you are just dead wrong on this one. You were hoodwinked by a good sales job.

Saxton has never done anything to help the Republican party, save giving some money to the Bush campaign.

You really understate his negatives and overstate his attempts to appear conservative, when his record says otherwise.

Ken said...

If Ron Saxton is the most fiscally-conservative candidate among the GOP slate, why did he place a distant third in the Taxpayer Association of Oregon straw poll? I'd venture to guess that you're not going to find too many organizations more concerned with fiscal conservativism than the TAO, and yet only 15 percent of its 10,000 members voted for Saxton as their choice for governor.

Rob Kremer said...

I LOVE you guys....

So far in the last couple days I'm told that I've gone native, drank kool-aid, and now I am so gullible and naive that Ron Saxton has hoodwinked me just by telling me what I want to hear!

steve schopp said...

I'll have to say that if anyone were being hoodwinked between Saxton and Kremer it could only be in one direction.

Kremer not being the hoodwinked.

I am Coyote said...

Ok... The Kool Aide and "native" referrence are meant as friendly gesture. Especially considering that it is "I" who actuall lives on an Indian Reservation.

If I may make one more attempt to state my case on THIS particular post.

I had no plan this week to wake up and post a comment that was negative of Ron Saxton. I don't have a series of negative editorials of Saxton written into my calendar between now and primary day.

It was in fat a response to your claim. If you were to claim that you agree with his rhetoric in the campaign I probably would have said... Hmm... Ok.

However I have a hard time with a claim like that when the guy has zero history of actually acting conservative, fiscal or otherwise.

I agree that the other candidates need to make a case for people to vote for them. Just because a distinction is drawn on this issue does not preclude the need for the need of the other side of the balance sheet.

However carrying on about that would be off topic.

Now I will crawl back into my teepee and drink some sourgrape kool aide here on the reservation. And if Ron Saxton ever becomes governor I'm sure he will build a light rail line to my reservation. ((( uh I hope you could tell my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek)))

Rob Kremer said...


You know we do miss having you around down here. Wish you'd get off the reservation....

And honestly, keep an open mind about Ron. Allow him to prove himself to you. Has he taken positions in the past that I disagreed with? Yes.

Do I think that he sees correctly now that this state needs something completely different? Yep.

People do evolve. Kevin Mannix was once a Democrat and supported lots of tax increases, but I do not doubt his conservatism now, because he changed.

So we are going to be on different sides of this primary election, but we are on the same side in the real battle, and I know you to be every bit the warrior that I am in that battle. We'll be fighting side by side again soon, no matter who wins the primary!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the claim that Ron has "zero history of actually acting conservative, fiscal or otherwise."

He may not be the MOST conservative, but he did openly support the one-man, one-woman initiative and stated publicly that he opposed gay marriage.

Ron also is the only candidate to openly challenge the public employee unions (something Mannix will not do). He talked about PERS reform long before anyone else did who was running for governor.

So to say that he has "Zero" history of actually acting conservative is...well..just not backed up by the facts.

I tend to agree with Rob, that those of you who are criticizing Ron are not making it clear that either of the two candidates can:

1) Win.

2) Summon the courage to openly confront the public employee unions (which include teachers).

I'm satisfied at this point that any of the three would be conservative enough for me (though I have disagreements with each of them). What I want now is someone who can WIN the general election.

I am Coyote said...

I gave a number of "facts" that back up my claim that Saxton is not a conservative. You just wanted to ignore his support of the MultCo BIT tax hike.

You just chose to ignore Ron's continued support of the Portland Smart Growth crowd (and I am not talking about rhetoric I am talking about actively supporting).

Saxton's PERS argument is not nearly as courageous as some make out. After all he is picking on a contingency that would have never supported any republican ever. What is so bold about that? Which only makes one wonder about Mannix somewhat.

As far as making a case for "winning", the Mannix camp can actually make that case the best. And I am actually in the Atkinson camp. So if that is going to be 50% of your decision making process then I am sure Kevin Mannix will welcome your support. Because after all the last poll that looked at the question saw sleepy Ted picking up more Republican votes than Saxton.

I wouldn't be so easily satisfied.
Yip Yip

I am Coyote said...

Oh and have I noticed that it is the Saxton supporters that have first breached the "social conservative" curtain?

I have not heard any other candidate even bring it up yet. However I do not doubt that I could be missing something. I would have expected Mannix to first bring it up.


I will say this. The social conservative argument is really pretty low on my needs list. I am more worried about "transportation choices."

Steve Schopp said...

Coyote yipped;
""""You just chose to ignore Ron's continued support of the Portland Smart Growth crowd (and I am not talking about rhetoric I am talking about actively supporting)""""

This is a severe problem. I wonder what role Saxton's involvement with Bechtel's Airport MAX/Cascade Station smart growth failure has to do with his stance.

Obviously many of the movers and shakers in the Portland area have a gravy train with Urban Renewal, smart growth et al. they don't want derailed.

So I'd say Ron Saxton is in a real troublesome position of touting the support of "Big Portland interests" while having to avoid openly showing support for what those interests want preserved.

Smart growth, with all it's leftist theories, instruments of societal design and money pit spending is as major ailment in need of irradiation according to most Republicans Saxton is attempting to court.

If Saxton supports this Program of Mass Dysfunction the only thing he'll be getting from me are darts and grenades during his campaign.

Tony said...

Sorry Rob but my point stands.

If you are willing to believe that Ron Saxton had an epiphany and is now a bold ocnservative that will stand up to political pressure and not cave, you certainly are entitled to that.

But to base it on nothing but his word, when he has supported myriad liberal people and causes, and has not lifted a finger to help conservative causes, led to my saying you were hoodwinked by a good sales pitch.

If Ron wants our trust, he should spend some time (as Kevin did) fighting for Republican causes, and taking controversial stands on issues. That is my same point about Tom Cox - I am not willing to just trust him because he happens to be registered R and says good things. That is the same standard I will apply to Saxton.

Let's see him take a stand on something, fight for it, and not be a continual flip flopper in the mold of Kerry. Then I will support him.

And by the way, that is the same standard I apply in my suport of you, Rob. You have credibility because you have been out fighting for the cause for a long time, and have been consistent. Would that Mr. Saxton could take a lesson in that kind of consistent conservativism.

Dare!PDX said...


You said it best.

Jack Bog said...

Will he be making campaign announcements from the Goldschmidts' living room again this time?

Anonymous said...

Your typical Republican mantra of only a moderate can win is such a lie. If you say or write it enough times people may believe you.The truth is that You, the Oregon Republican Leadership Institute propagandists, and the "Republican" leadership chose moderates!The counties should chose thier own candidates so we do not have a liberal infiltration in our party. As it is currently we have the House Speaker( Karen Minnis) a former Democrat, Kevin Mannix who just left his post as the head of the Oregon Republican Party (a former Democrat) Ted Ferrolli the Republican Senate Minority leader that is a former Democrat,Wayne Scott, the House Majority Leader and former Democrat. Isn't that enough liberalism in Oregon? Now you want Saxton? Saxton the lawyer who went to school to learn the fine art of sell out , plea bargains, and compromises...Will you never learn? I have heard you speak, and I know you to be a Gordon Smith, Bob Packwood "Republican". I can prove each thing I am stating here if anyone would like to see documentation. Many of my documents are on the
As for my last piece of business with you Rob, have Saxton sign a pledge to not fund the tax payer funded abortions, have hum sign a pledge to have parental permission and notification, have him sign a partial birth abortion ban pledge...somehow I know he won't. Now you can put your money where your mouth is.....

Anonymous said...

I see Ron Saxton as a tax and spend liberal just like Neil Goldschmidt was, dont be fooled, he is exactly the same, and his wife is just working the political system to get ol Mr Goldschmidts failed policy back into the state. If you want a true conservative, vote for BEN WESTLUND.

Anonymous said...

Saxton has jumped on the Republican band wagon, he mimics the same stuff the current administration does.
He supports 37. He and the rest who do remind me of alcoholics who stay dry for a long time then they start drinking again. They start drinking more than they did before they quit.
These folks have been upset ever since the land use laws came to be. They have been whining all along. 37 never did anything but help the developers make a case for them to expand their adjenda. 37 only benefits the few over the majority. The Land Use laws protected the majority not the few. We as tax payers have to reimburse the few!? Look at what is happening in Josephine co. Small farmers are getting beat up and they are having to cough up more money than the co takes in for social services due to a 37 dispute.
Saxton says he is a Oregonian. Well, Who do you really serve Ronnie" It seems to me like most of the Republicans who have come along in the last 50 yeas really only serve themselves and the heck with the citizens!
Intel/high tech is not going to save us nor is a bunch of over priced houses in the desert in Bend where the people who own them only vacation there. and all the golf courses that suck the ground water away from the farmers!
No Ronnie you dont represent Oregon you represent the Few!
It is common knowledge that the few really dont even live here in this state. I live here in Portland and we are still dealing with the Vera Katz daze. Look what they did to this beautiful city. A tram? A sewer system that everyone has to pay for that does not work, where the cost of water is the smallest part of the water bill. Where Enron/PGE got away with highway robbery and none of the Katz crew did anything to stop it. Redlining neighboorhoods! To me that is what Ron Saxton means to me. Nothing new. I'm just sick and tired of these people.