Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Real Message of "24"

Did you watch the season premier of "24"? Two hour specials both Sunday and Monday night got this year's series kicked off. Riveting and compelling as ever.

It's also one of the highest rated shows on TV. As I watched it, it struck me - the Democrats just don't understand. They are constantly hammering on Bush's supposed violations of civil liberties, whining about wiretapping terrorist phone calls and subjecting detainees to discomfort.

Meanwhile the nation watches Jack Bauer execute a terrorist in cold bloods as he saves another 60 civilians from sure death. I'm sure a lot of Democrats were watching too, and they are secretly happy, no doubt, with the notion that we have real life Jack Bauers out there protecting us.

I hope the D's don't figure out that the civil liberties attacks on Bush are not going to work. I hope they were all watching BrokeBack Mountain win its 45 Golden Globe Awards, as Americans stay away from the movie in droves.


MMW said...


I have become absolutely addicted to 24. But I'm way late. I started watching a marathon of Season 1 about 4 months ago and got hooked. Then I went to the video store and rented season 2. I just finished season 3 a couple days ago and am making my way thru season 4 right now.

I've seen a lot of TV in my life (sorry to admit) and this is far and away the best drama I've ever watched. It's incredible TV.

I have a few complaints. But few. I still think Season 1 was the best. But Season 3 was almost as good.

And I completely agree with you that the show deals far more realistically with the moral issues involved in warfare and counter-terrorism than any REAL democrat politician.

Fox, Keifer Sutherland, the producers, and writers are to be commended for creating such riveting and honest television.

Rob Kremer said...

Totally agree that 24 is the best drama on TV; perhaps ever.

I haven't seen every season - I started last year. But it is obvious they have succeeded in keeping it fresh through multiple years. Not easy to do.

Tony said...

Too bad Sutherland's dad is such a pantywaist liberal crybaby. Apparently he is too busy trying to make Hillary look like she could handle the presidency (in working on "Commander in Chief") that he doesn't have time to watch 24.