Thursday, June 02, 2005

U of O's Conformity Plan

As if Oregon wasn't enough of a laughingstock, the University of Oregon is bringing national ridicule upon us at a feverish pace by pushing its "Five Year Diversity Plan Draft."

To read the plan is to fully appreciate the grip of the lefty looney tunes on our state's most prominent university. I won't give it the lampooning it so richly deserves, because other bloggers have done the job much better than I could ever hope to.

Educationation has composed a devastatingly funny critique of the plan and its crafters, and education blogger Kimberly Swigert has taken on the sweeping assumptions put forth in the Plan.

The Plan was obviously produced by folks of the same mindset as those who are cooking up the K-12 Cultural Competency Standards. It seems educators at every level K-20 won't be satisfied until they have completely politicized every aspect of publicly funded education.

Where, oh where are the grown ups?

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Anonymous said...

It's too mind numbing to even read.