Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Terry Porter for the Blazers

It was May 13th that I first blogged that Terry Porter should be the next Blazers coach. I'm looking a bit clairvoyant.

At the time, Porter's position at Milwaukie was secure. He took a talentless team to the playoffs in his first year, way beyond expectations. His second year was not so good, but he's go the weakest roster in the NBA. The Bucks even told him they were going to renew his contract.

Four days later, after the Bucks got the first draft pick in the lottery, they went back on their commitment to Porter. Now he's a free agent.

Portland should hire him. It's a no brainer.

There's even a web site devoted to getting Terry back here where he belongs.

This is a slam dunk. Really.

What are the Blazer's biggest problems? They are losing fans. The people of Portland no longer love them. Too many of their players were of sketchy character and the teams in recent years have been chronic underachievers.

Porter is the antidote to all of these problems.

He personifies the last Blazer team that Portland truly loved. His personal character is beyond reproach. He's a devoted family man. He can obviously coach at the NBA level.

If the Blazers want the people of Portland to give them another chance, Terry Porter is the answer.

This is really simple.


gus miller said...

The Blazers may have a verbal commitment to Nate McMillan whose contract in Seattle expires at midnight tomorrow.

You make a good case for Terry Porter. Terry also has experience in playing for Popovich in San Antonio, Riley in Miami and a year as an assistant coach with Rick Adelman in Sacramento.

I think Terry's delayed firing by the Bucks was brought on because they made Terry let his assistant coaches go at season's end and could not attract any quality assistant coaches in support of Terry who was working on the last year of his contract.

Anonymous said...