Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Stucky Withdraws from Governor Race, Supports Saxton

The press release announcing Todd Stucky's withdrawal from the race is pasted below.

You heard it here first! I was supporting Todd early on, because he was the only person in the race who seemed to understand wealth creation and the structural reforms needed in Oregon's executive branch to bring it about.

Todd has withdrawn and thrown his support to Ron Saxton, which can only mean that he is satisfied that Ron will be the standard-bearer for the issues Todd was running to bring to the race.

Does this mean I'll be supporting Ron too? Not yet decided. I am encouraged by his bold talk on PERS. We desperately need someone to take the lead from Schwartzenegger in California and take on the preofessional unions here in Oregon.

Is Saxton the reformer?

Here's the PR from Stucky:

For Immediate Release Contact: Felix Schein
Office: 503-224-2006
Mobile: 971-221-7170

Ron Saxton and Todd Stucky Join Forces in 2006 Governors Race

June 14th, 2005 – Portland, OR – Ron Saxton secured the endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Todd Stucky on Tuesday, after Stucky announced he was ending his exploration of a 2006 gubernatorial campaign to allow Republican voters a clear choice between leading candidates Saxton and Kevin Mannix.

Stucky, a successful Portland business owner and longtime Republican benefactor, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor in March and quickly established himself as a fiscal conservative intent on reinvigorating Oregon’s economy and cutting the cost of government in order to invest in schools.

Said Stucky of Saxton, “Ron shares my concerns about Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System and our struggling schools, and more than any other candidate, he shares my passion for creating jobs and improving our statewide economy. As a fiscal conservative, Ron will provide the fresh leadership our state needs to compete in the global marketplace, and he will improve the quality of the services our government delivers.”

“I am honored that Todd has decided to support and play an active advisory and fundraising role in my campaign” said Saxton of Stucky’s endorsement. “Todd and I have been friends for many years and his decision to step aside and support me is a significant step in our effort to build a campaign to defeat Governor Kulongoski.”



Daniel said...

C'mon Rob, if Senator Atkinson runs I hope that you will get behind him. Oregon needs a conservative who is behind us on ALL the issues, not just PERS reform.

Daniel's Political Musings

I am Coyote said...


I know you gotta play ball so I would not begrudge you for sticking with Saxton over Mannix.

Even though the "four families" from what I have heard from them, won't be supporting Saxton.

Yet I could never trust Saxton any further than I could throw him. He is the guy that contributed to Choo Choo Charlie Hales in the city council race in 2000. That was after Charlie made a big deal about becoming a democrat.

There is just wayyy too much downtown Portland liberal money there in Saxton's corner. It is easy to talk the talk, but when the rubber really met the road has he ever walked it? He was afraid of retribution in my case so he could not contribute to me.

I am afraid the Governor's race this time around is out of reach.

PS... email me... I need to talk to you about Charter Schools on Indian Reservations.

Anonymous said...

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