Thursday, March 04, 2010

Where is the adult in OUR room?

This is just fabulous. Please take the time to watch this 26 minute address by New Jersey's new governor to the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

When I listen to something like this - an all-too-rare display of straight talk, mastery of fact, and laid-bare reality, I just get angry. Angry that we NEVER see this in our political class in Oregon.

Why do we get buffoons governing us, and other states get guys like Christie?

Where is the adult in OUR room?


Anonymous said...


Can we borrow that man...


Anonymous said...

Unless & until the likes of the Courtneys, Hunts, and all of the squisheys in between are run out we have NO chance!

Guys like you, RK, speak for more people than the D's think, only many of them are scared of their own shadows, lazy, or outright ignorant.

Which is to say that if a Chris Christie type would stand up in Oregon and say it like it is and MEAN IT, Katie Bar the Door.

Unfortunately the current crop of Republican candidates are either Pansies or unelectable.

Steve Buckstein said...

Thanks for the link, Rob. I posted it on BlueOregon yesterday with credit to you. The only response there so far is thankfulness that Oregon isn't New Jersey. Hopefully, the "adults" here will notice what's going on there and move in that directly.

genestill33 said...

Great blog. I've grown accustomed to reading your work in Brainstorm magazine. Is there an archive of it anywhere? Thanks said...

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MAX Redline said...

Um, you planning to post again sometime this year?

Paul said...

Man, bluster sure wins it every time with Americans, don't it? NJ has a lot of problems. So, what do you have to be thinking to, first act as G, cancel all family planning?