Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's put Matt Wingard over the top!

State Rep. Matt Wingard is doing a "birthday money bomb" fundraiser for his 37th birthday - donate $37 to his reelection campaign.

He is close to his goal - please help me put him over the top. Click here to donate.

Here are a few good reasons to send $37 to Matt:

1) It will annoy the BlueOregon crowd
2) When he meets his goal he can send a press release reminding the Democrats how he beat them last cycle despite them spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the most vicious personal smear campaign in recent memory, perhaps of all time.
3) 37 is a prime number. He won't have another prime number birthday for 4 years.
4) Matt is going to be Speaker of the Oregon House someday soon.
5) If you can find a smarter, more articulate, better state representative - send HIM or HER the $37!


Anonymous said...

Mission accomplished!

in re. to your 5 reasons:
1) yes
2) yes
3) ok
4) ok
5) still looking...can I get back to you?

Anonymous said...


I just have a quick question for you but couldn't find an email so had to resort to this. I am a progressive blogger. Please email me back at when you get a chance. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I have a good idea what a 'blogger' is, but what exactly is a 'progressive'? Is it like the leaders during The Progressive Era? They were the most fascistic administrations in U.S. gov't history. Maybe you mean 'liberal'.