Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short takes

  • Jeff Mapes is reporting today that Bill Bradbury pulled out of a debate at Oswego Lake Country Club, and issued a press release saying that he wouldn't attend because as a good Democrat he can't justify another event at an exclusive private club when people are jobless and hurting. He is enjoying his taxpayer funded pension at what, $85K a year, and HE is going to go all class warfare on us?
  • Did you see the nice coverage of the Taxpayer Rally at the Capitol yesterday, where 1500 or so folks expressed their wish that the legislature stop killing our economy? Me either! Just last week there was a nice story complete with a large color picture about the 80 STUDENTS who rallied for more higher ed spending. The Oregonian is still obviously doing its best to alienate itself from as many people as possible. In unrelated news, I hear there are more layoffs coming next week at the O.
  • I must admit I am enjoying watching the global warming alarmists twist in the wind. Now Phil Jones, former head of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University, the source of the "Climate-Gate" emails, is admitting basically that the whole thing is a scam! Not in so many words, of course, but read between the lines. He says that the globe hasn't warmed in 15 years, that he doesn't even have the temperature records that the "Hockey Stick graph that was central to the case of the alarmists claims were based on, and that the temperatures during the Midieval Warming Period probably WERE higher than today! And guess who has no story in todays newspaper about it? You guessed it!
  • But the fact that the whole case for AGW is falling apart before our eyes hasn't made the true believers any less shrill. BlueOregon blogger Carla Axtman and her perpetually-twisted knickers are hammering Rep. Matt Wingard for a short floor speech he made pointing out the disintegrating case for AGW. She is outraged (OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU!) because Wingard took many of the facts he related from a published article. And HE DIDN'T mention it! Talk about a scandal! So on the one hand we have a decades long conspiracy that distorts science so politicians and bureaucrats can ration energy, perpetrated at the highest levels of government, and THAT gets no mention by our intrepid blogger Carla. But a short floor speech that doesn't cite sources? TWO separate posts on BlueOregon with 113 comments (as of this writing) between them. Convene the Grand Jury!


Bronch O'Humphrey said...

Funny that the Tea Partiers advertised the rally as "thousands."

Don't aim too high, you might look real stupid when your biggest mouthpiece says "1500" show up, which really means 1000-1200.

Anonymous said...

You say Kremer is the "biggest mouthpiece" for the Tea party? Yessir, Bronch, you sure got the pulse of this thing.

Anonymous said...



I'm sure even Homer Simpson would recognize that 1000-1200 donuts would make a far bigger dent in his appetite than 80 donuts.

MAX Redline said...

I have been enjoying the "man-made global worming" scam blow up, as well. It's satisfying to see the perpetrators admitting, at long last, to errors of omission and commission, and it's amusing to see the sudden silence of AlGore and acolytes such as our local "science writer" - the latter of whom made a routine practice of commenting on blogs including yours and mine, and chiding us for our "scientific ignorance".

I suggest, however, that you get off Carla.

As I understand it, she's a paid contributor to the site, and it's counterproductive to drive more traffic her way. I think that you do a disservice to us unpaid AGW "deniers" by doing so.

Me said...

I'm afraid I'll have to disgree Max.

Mentioning either chronic tall tale fool David Appell or Oregon's first lady of sleazy polictics Carla Axtman in no way diminishes the skeptic's dismantling of the AGW movement. Quite the contrary IMO.
Although David has apparently drifted away, I would hope that David and Carla get plenty of attention as they stay in the hold out regime trying to cover up and extend the fraud.

Anonymous said...

I read about the 80 students. What a joke.

Higher education is their RIGHT... kinda like it was everyone's right to own a home? That worked out wonderfully.

It's like EARNING your way in life and living within your means have become foreign concepts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the country club declined to accommodate Bradbury's use of a Segway for locomotion to and from the podium.

Anonymous said...

Bradbury found there were not going to be any children there to snow job about AGW.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, Rob. Look at the transcript comparison of Wingard's speech to the Washington Times article. What he did was obviously plagiarism.

How is this different than when Biden plagiarized a campaign speech back in the 1990's?

Anonymous said...

... other than the fact that Biden actually admitted to plagiarism.

オテモヤン said...


golfbuddy said...

Rob, comments from オテモヤン are rather inappropriate, at least for those who happen to understand what they mean.

Paul said...

Admit that Axtman blows you! She never gives you or conservatives 1/2 the bratty pique that real progressives elicit. That's what doesn't add up about your world view. If she's socialist, then why is she even more angry with real progressives than you are, OVER THE SAME POINTS?!?

You've been at the two-faced one party system so long you think the direction you fart makes you different people.