Monday, February 01, 2010

More evidence abstinence education works

I don't know how many times I have heard from educators and liberals that abstinence education doesn't work. Today a new study was published in the AMA's February 2010 Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine gives very strong evidence to the contrary.

The study also showed that so-called "safe sex" training doesn't change sexual behavior one bit. The study is out of the University of Pennsylvania, and was the gold standard of such studies in its design, which used a full random assignment of the different methods studied.

There have been 15 prior scientific studies done looking at the effectiveness of abstinence curricula, and 11 of them have showed positive results.

Don't believe them when they tell you it doesn't work!


Anonymous said...

So when the premiere expert on abstinence curricula is in the State will our ODE reject a free offer to speak at an ODE sex education summit?

With the department rejecting the free offer from the national achievment gap expert a couple years ago I suspect if it works the State will pass.

OregonGuy said...

Found in the Fall 2009 edition of the Oregon Stater (

"A study by OSU researchers suggests that schoolbased programs begun in elementary school to reduce risky behaviors can indeed significantly reduce problem behaviors in students.

"Fifth-graders who previously participated in a comprehensive interactive school prevention program for one to four years were about half as likely to engage in substance abuse, violent behavior, or sexual activity as those who did not take part in the program. Among students who were exposed to the program, those who had received the lessons for three or more years reported the lowest rates of experience with any of these problem behaviors.

“'This study demonstrates that a comprehensive, school-wide social and character development program can have a substantial impact on reducing problem behaviors of public health importance in elementary-school-age youth,' said Brian Flay, professor of public health at OSU and the study’s principal investigator."

Great study, perhaps, but don't draw any conclusions about which types of behaviours are considered risky.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Rob, you leave out important qualifiers and concentrate on portions that seemingly validate your position.

Take the time to read the study and not just a report on it and you will see that this "abstinence" program is much different than those proposed by orgnizations such Heritage.

This program concentrated on the health and safety issues rather than sermons and moral brow beating that were/are the focus of most abstinence programs that have been tried and failed miserably.

I welcome the news and pray that those in authority will understand the whole story when the attempt to imitate these results.

Paul said...

It'll be interesting to see if your other 1/2 fesses up to this, debating PPS policy!

Math and Games said...

Great to know that there have been evaluations of the effectiveness of abstinence-only education programs. I have been looking forward for more information about this. Thanks for great post!

~Janet~ "Math Games for 4th Grade"