Friday, October 02, 2009

On cue, the Oregonian praises Nike

What a surprise that the day after Nike announces it wants everyone in the U.S. to pay higher energy prices, the Oregonian praises them and the other large corporations that are on board with carbon tax legislation.

The lead editorial also praises the "forward looking" companies that support Cap & Trade, such as General Electric, Duke Energy, Exelon, and PG&E.

Forward looking? Is the Oregonian really that gullible, or are they just fundamentally dishonest? Do they NOT know that each and every one of these companies is simply "rent-seeking?" These corporations have a huge financial stake in the the government making fossil fuel energy less competitive. The mandates and controls that would result from carbon taxes will put billions in their coffers.

For the Oregonian to pretend that somehow these companies are just being good corporate citizens is just plainly dishonest.

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OregonGuy said...

It would seem memories are shorter in Portland than any other geographical location on earth.

Let's put together two names; Enron and PGE. Any resonance among Portlanders at all?

Given this lack of memory, pointing out Enron's enthusiasm for Cap & Trade is probably pointless. Any chance of renaming a street Hadleyville?