Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A defining moment for President Obama

So far, President Obama has governed like a radical lefty. He used the Pelosi-deisgned "stimulus" bill to fund every pent-up lefty wish list item in the cupboard, and his breathtaking budget is itself an expression of a far reaching leftist ideology.

Not what he sold us, is it?

But soon we will get an indication of whether there is a scintilla of independence about the man. Will he stand up for poor minority children in Washington DC, a move sure to anger the left/union base of his party? Or will he toss these kids under the school bus? We will soon know.

As pointed out in the WSJ yesterday, the spending bill the Senate will vote on this week has language in it that will pull the curtain on the Washington DC voucher program, which is used by 2500 children from poor families to escape DC's shameful public school system.

Two kids use these vouchers to attend Sidwell, the school that Obama's own children attend.

Will President Obama lift a finger to save the DC voucher program? No way the Senate Democrats would take him on if he called them out on this. Or will Obama join most every other Democrat politician of the last 50 years and stand blocking the schoolhouse door to prevent low income minority children from entering (while Obama's own kids sit inside.)

If he lets the language stay in the bill, President Obama is revealed as just another hack, willing to sell human souls down the river for advantage with political interest groups.

Any predictions?


Bill said...

Rob, you are too cynical. There is a chance President Obama will do the right thing and protect the poor kids of Washington D.C. I would say there is as much as a five percent chance the president will cross the teachers unions on this issue and put the kids before politics.

Obama the candidate told the teachers union at the NEA convention that he supported performance based pay for teachers. That was either bold or shrewdly calculated. Perhaps we will know which when we see how he deals with the kids in D.C.

Me said...

Oh the tale of two Obamas.

The campaigning Obama

He was against gay marriage,
supported charter schools,
supported performance pay,
against ear mark pork spending,
and promised change and bipartisanship.

President Obama?

Not so much.

Anonymous said...

So far he has been cookie-cutter leftist. Hoping he might go against that current by taking on the teachers union seems unreasonable at this point.

This whole 'Obama means Hope' gig is such a teaser!

Rob Kremer said...

My wife and I have a bet on this. She thinks he will do the right thing. I don't.