Friday, March 13, 2009

Another HUGE economic engine!

The Funny Paper is so amazing. They must think our memories have a half life of a .

Their lead editorial today insists that the legislature fund the new education building at South Waterfront. You remember South Waterfront ... that huge opportunity to attract 10,000 biotech jobs that was hyped and cheerled by the paper as we blew a couple hundred million dollars on what is now a largely vacant condo tower jungle.

So now TFP says we should spend $160 million putting up the next "linchpin." Reading the piece, I kept having to check the date on the paper. I thought somehow I was reading 2003 copy from the archives. Take a look:

"It would be the cornerstone of a powerful new economic engine and educational dynamo for all of Oregon....

It would provide facilities for health-profession training, undergraduate and graduate education in the life sciences and bioengineering, biomedical research and private industry partnerships.

Translation: Hundreds of new jobs with immeasurable educational and health-system value.

From every angle, this project looks exactly like the kind of capital project legislators should be funding in today's economic crisis. If they fail to, there's a good possibility the partnership will fall apart and the state will lose out on an opportunity of staggering proportion."

The same old rhetoric. Why on earth would they think The Funny Paper has any credibility whatsoever?


Anonymous said...

"It would be the CORNERSTONE of a powerful new economic engine and educational dynamo for all of Oregon...."

I guess they wore out "linchpin"

Me said...

Well let's see, the Os editorial page editor, Bob Caldwell, is married to OHSU's communication director, Lora Cuykendall, and the editorial page advocates what OHSU wants.

I find this shocking.

R. L. said...

I find it disturbing when I agree with you.

OHSU needs to be reined in, and focus on their basic missions instead of empire building. Remember when part of that was providing health care to the poor?

Anonymous said...

TFP is actually recycling copy, just like one would expect from good stewards of the environment. With all the substance abuse issues at 1320 SW Broadway like paper-stream waste, deforestation, and a huge carbon footprint, they're making it up in content abuse by using the Mad Libs model. Writing amounts to grabbing an old template from the "Approved" bin and giving it to a 'writer' to fill in the blanks. Highly-trained editorial managers get to choose the topics and templates. They get to share them within the Newhouse chain of monopoly fish-wrappers. It's an award-winning business model.

Anonymous said...

Good point. You don't see the Newhouse papers in the same kind of trouble as all the other daily bigs.