Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just one blemish

The Funny Paper was in rare form today. Sometimes what they write is just so revealing that you wonder if they don't actually realize how silly they look, or they just simply don't care.

Two items jumped out at me today. First, in their editorial endorsements, they got around to discussing the House race in Lake Oswego for the seat being vacated by Greg MacPherson. The Republican candidate in the race is a Portland lawyer named Steve Griffith. I've been in a few meetings with him lately. He's a very thoughtful and accomplished man who happens to be a liberal on every issue I have ever heard him discuss.

Which of course means The Funny Paper likes him:

"He's a Harvard man -- also Stanford and Oxford -- a lawyer who served with distinction on the Portland School Board and as a director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. A veteran civic activist with an abiding passion for liberal ideals, Griffith could be a Democratic role model."

In other words, just the kind of politician The Funny Paper likes. Except for one problem:

"There's just one blemish. He's running as a Republican."

There you have it. Being a member of one of the two major parties in this country is now a "blemish." They agree with him on everything, but he has a moral defect. He's on the other team.

Then, over in the "Business" section (I put it in scare quotes because TFP long ago stopped pretending it actually wrote about business, about the same time the "Oregon Business Alliance" was founded to work on the important business issues of salmon and climate) they led with the disastrous news that Freightliner had finally pulled the plug on Portland and is moving its manufacturing out of state, along with its 900 jobs.

Now, the story neglected to mention how the State of Oregon recently grabbed Freightliner's kicker refund, or how Portland planners harrassed the firm for years when it wanted to expand its manufacturing facility on Swan Island. Those things weren't mentioned, for some reason, in the article.

But there was a headline, above the fold, across the page, in about 48 point type, that pretty much sums up how The Funny Paper feels about businesses that are trying to fulfill their duty to shareholders:

"This is greed. Flat corporate greed."

A headline that will serve as a clarion call to any corporation that might consider Portland as a place to move or a place to grow: Stay away.

Mysteriously, Oregon's economy leads the nation into every recession, and lags the nation out of every recovery. And The Funny Paper's credibility and circulation continue to slide.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why we never get the headline

"This is greed. Flat quasi greed."

Everytime the OHSU heirarchy enriches themselves while pilfering the public coffers for misadventure money without any assuming any of the risks or responsibilities?

Those local elites are insulated from any consequences while they and their families enjoy lavish lifestyles.

The fact that the Oregonian Editorial page editor, Bob Caldwell, is married to OHSU's head PR gal adds much to explain this other greed.

Anonymous said...

And Jeff Mapes and Steve Duin are also married to public employees. Wonder where the paper gets its "news" and "editorial" spin? Just keepin' Mama happy at the expense of the rest of us.

MAX Redline said...

At some point, we need to get away from running RINO candidates.

Anonymous said...

In the editorial section you're allowed to stay stuff like that. It's the opinion section. If that had been on the front page it would have been absurd.

Jess ;)

Wendy in SW PDX said...

I can only guess that the funny paper of which you speak is the Oregonian....just a guess, being one of those 'blemishes' in Portland. lol

Anonymous said...

For the millionth time (an that's a low ball estimate,) the news media has reconfirmed it's agenda and the entirely mindless way it pursues it. I don't know what network this commercial was for, (but it hardly matters and I apologize for the blahs, I didn't listen very close) It said, " blah blah blah Barak Obama, blah blah blah, Now that the economy is in recovery... "

Apparently overnight, we made a drastic up-turn and things are already fine cause the Ding-Dongs got their hero into the White House. Start looking for daily miracles in your favorite media outlets as we hear how the famines caused in the past eight years are being magically wiped away by Obama. Or where things just blown out of proportion in the first place?