Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Czech President visits on microbrew trade tour

The head of state of a NATO country visits Portland to give a speech challenging the man-made global warming hypothesis. What does The Funny Paper report about the visit?

All about his visit to Bridgport Brew Pub, and how Czech beer differs from Oregon beer.

I am not kidding.

Do we need any more evidence that this sorry excuse for a newspaper has completely jettisoned any pretense that it is a journalistic enterprise?

The Funny Paper has been banging the global warming alarmist drum for a decade now. It is so dug into the position that it can't even bring itself to write a straight news report on a visit from a head of state who came for the express purpose of making a speech that happens to challenge The Funny Paper's position?

Why does anyone still believe in their credibily as a neutral source of news?

Oh. Nobody does.


Anonymous said...

Right you are Rob. They have stopped even pretending that they are a newspaper.

OregonGuy said...


It's established science. No need to re-visit. The Oregonian, by not reporting on the purpose of the visit, helped reduce its carbon footprint.

That was a win-win.

Gumby said...

Once Oregonians start receiving this winter's heating bills, they'll wish they had Global Warming.

I'm doing my part by driving my 400 cubic inch V8 every day! LOL!