Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taxpayer Association, Oregon Style

This is really rich. Only in Oregon.

There's a new task force, just appointed by the Governor, called the "Task Force on Comprehensive Revenue Restructuring." It's the result of a bill from last session, which told the Governor to create the task force to look into a new tax structure for Oregon.

Nothing particularly interesting about this. They've been appointing blue ribbon committees like this for years. And the process for this one is very typical - the enabling legislation proscribes the makeup of the committee by calling for appointees from different categories - labor, small business, big business, etc.

Here's the good part: there is a category for two seats on the committee called: "Taxpayer Association Representatives." Sounds reasonable. After all, if you are discussing options for restructuring the tax system, the taxpayer ought to be at the table.

But guess who was appointed to one of the Taxpayer Association seats?

Chuck Sheketov, from the Oregon Center for Public Policy!

Calling the OCPP a taxpayer association representative is roughly the equivalent of calling Planned Parenthood an "Embryo Advocacy Organization."

It has obviously gotten to the point where there is no real need to even pretend that any other voices should even be at the table when our one-party state decides things. Look at the makeup of the rest of the committee, for a good laugh:

There are two entire categories for unions - One called "Organized Labor Representatives" and the other called "Labor Association Representatives." What the heck is the difference? Then, under the category "General Public Representatives," guess who is the appointed member: a person from "Stand for Children," who I always refer to as their more accurate moniker, "Stand for Unions."

You know it is really bad here when the Governor's office cares so little about keeping up the appearance of engaging diverse viewpoints that they appoint Chuck Sheketov in the Taxpayer Repesentative seat.

A one-party state, and their grip tightens.


Anonymous said...

If the enabling legislation actually capitalizes "Taxpayer Association," Jason Williams ought to scratch some money together and sue the Governor for appointing someone to that seat who is not a member of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, and it's even more poignant now, "Worst. Governor. Ever."

And I thought appointing Patty Wentz as his Communications Director was bad.

Kulo really is a major embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

What an intentional slap in the face. There is no way they could make this appointment without doing it specifically to mock the real taxpayer groups.

The only way to interpret this is as an intentional finger in the eye to conservatives.