Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's official: The Governor is a proven liar

Funny Paper columnist Steve Duin proved it today: Governor Kulongoski lied to the public about Fred Leonhardt.

Kulongoski has been trying to distance himself from Leonhardt, for obvious reasons, portraying him as a disgruntled employee who was left on the dock when the Kulongoski ship of state left the harbor.

After Leonhardt went public with his accusation that Teddy knew all about Neil because he himself told him, the Governor told The Funny Paper that he and Leonhardt "lost most contact" after Kulongoski was elected to the Supreme Court in 1996.

Oops. One problem with getting away with lies for years and years with no accountability is that when all of a sudden the media decides to do its job and check out your story, you get caught.

It turns out that Leonhardt saved evidence of all sorts of very warm personal connections from Kulongoski from as recently as 2001. Things like notes from Kulongoski to Leonhart's mother, a photograph of Kulongoski at a party at Leonhardt's house, and a personal note on a birthday banner.

So Kulongoski lied when he tried to convince the Oregonian that he and Leonhardt were estranged friends back in 1996.

Which sounds like a wierd thing to get caught lying about. But if you are trying to make a case for some kind of vendetta on the part of Leonhardt, to explain why he would make up the story about telling him about Goldschmidt, then it makes some sense.

Bottom line, Kulongoski's credibility is pretty much shot. He got caught in a lie, red-handed, and now he wants us to believe that he is telling the truth about the central claim Leonhardt is making - that he told Kulongoski about Goldschmidt at Bernie Guisto's party in 1994.

The best part is that Lars Larson's bar complaint against Kulongoski might now have a little more teeth, since it is now provable that Kulongoski has misled the public on a material matter pertaining to the Leonhardt accusation.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Teddy K?


Anonymous said...

"Could this be the beginning of the end for Teddy K?"

Let's hope and pray.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it will. But the end will end up where NOBODY can expect.

See Bernie, saying "Yes, I did tell people about my trip to Seattle." (The same day Lee Doss lied about the same trip) But Bernie forgot that the trip was made illegal because he used the state vehicle. Opps.

Ted is going down that same tube. He is a liar. But the investigation will uncover other things illegal, since a liar is also generally doing something else corrupt as well.

So, TeddyK, what else you got up your sleeve? Where will this end up TeddyK?

Anonymous said...

This comes as no great surprise as the corruption in Oregon's Democrat runs deep and wide. The real question is by what authority will anything ultimately be done?

The Bar complaint is either going to be dismissed outright due to "lack of evidence" and portrayed as a "he said/he said" situation, or the Governor will receive some kind of short-term slap-on-the-wrist, possibly for a faulty memory with regard to when he and Leonhardt quit having contact.

What then? What authority is there that is not only higher than the Bar, but is also non-partisan and likely to get to the truth and act on it, forcing the Governor to resign?