Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Does Clark County want Metro?

The lead editorial in the Oregonian today is pretty funny. They want to expand Metro's territory to include Clark County, Washington.

They didn't come right out and say it that way. What they said was this: "The time has come for officials on both sides of the river to begin talking about Washington voters directly electing representatives to the Metro Council."

Why would Clark County elect representatives to Metro unless Metro's authority included them? So the Oregonian wants Oregon's regional government to actually cross the border and include yet more municipalities, in another state no less.

Are they gullible enough to actually do this?


Anonymous said...

I read that as well Rob, and I can say with almost certainly that the article caused steam to emanate from my ears.

My favorite line was to the effect that Metro wasn't a bunch of bike-worshiping, car-hating greenies.

Once again a perfect example of how disengaged the O is from reality. Amazing to see their failure to notice Metro's inability to be anything but the former.

I mean Rex Burkholder?? Come on!

Anonymous said...

Anyone for another try at abolishing Metro?

PS: That's Rex Bikeholder.

Anonymous said...

Another Oregon first, Metro's strange governmental overlay was touted as the way of the future.

Twenty something years later, no other place in the nation has followed suit.

There are some services that should be coordinated regionally. But Metro in its current form should be gotten rid of.

Dave Lister

Anonymous said...

The Oregonian editorial board has
seemingly become near brain dead as they advocate for the Convention Center Hotel,
accept phoney data that says millions of unscreened illegal aliens commit no more crime than legal immigrants,
and now pushing for Metro to take over Clark County because Metro does such a good job here.

All of these absurd positions suggest the editorial board is privy to secret, inside information not available to us commoners. Or that their collective wisdom allows them special insight we are to recognize as prudent guidance.

In reality the board is as dumb as a board. Wood that is.
Making worse their asinine advice is their own horrific track record
and their not so cunning ability to ignore reality like no other group of Oregonians in our State.

Of course inter-laced through all of their deficiencies is their truly obscene level of dishonesty and lack of ethics.

Back to this topic,,, the board believes and lectures that Metro provides "growth management" and "tansportation planning".

In truth, Metro obstructs, retards and ignores growth while their transportation planning delivers chaos.

MAX Redline said...

I laughed when I read it, and suggested that METRO doesn't need to be expanded - it needs to be dis-banded. It has been in place since 1976, and all that it appears to have accomplished during that time have had largely negative consequences.

Jordan said...

As a Washington resident I wouldn't even consider ride the MAX over the border into Oregon before obtaining an Oregon Concealed Carry Permit...