Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Our hungry governor

Right on cue, the Oregonian splashed Gov. Kulongoski's food stamp publicity stunt all over the front page, making the point that it is hard to feed yourself off the $21 a week you get from food stamps.

The article talked about all the "working poor" who can barely feed themselves and so are taking advantage of food stamps to supplement their food budget. So I guess the message here is that we are supposed to jack up food stamp programs to feed people better. I have a better idea:

Oregon has one of the most regressive income tax systems in the nation. The 9% income tax rate kicks in below $10,000. Two adults making minimum wage pay about $1,200 a year in Oregon state taxes.

If the Governor was really interested in helping the working poor, he would cut taxes for the working poor by raising the level the 9% tax rate kicks in.

But that would mean less money for programs like food stamps. He'd rather tax the poor into worse poverty, then make them dependent on the government by encouraging them into public assistance programs.

And the Democrats are the ones who care about the little people?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the Governor is being a wee bit dishonest with this little publicity stunt. No one in Oregon has only $21 in food stamps to spend on food in a week. The food stamp program is a supplement to whatever other income a person/family might have. For instance, a family of 4 with $12,000 in annual income could be eligible for up to $367 per month in food stamps - quite a bit above the Governor's $84. To reach this low level, the family of four would have to earn $24,000 a year. Needless to say, both of these families would have more than their food stamp allotment to spend on groceries.

PanchoPdx said...

And the $21 doesn't even include his potential proceeds from panhandling.

Wake me up when Governor begins spanging in Pioneer Square.

Anonymous said...

Lawl to above comment. If I see the governor spanging anywhere, I'm gonna ask him how he likes it. How he's surviving. How no matter how many minimum wage jobs he's working, his ever depleting savings are gonna END.

In other news, someone PLEASE feed me. I don't qualify for benefits because I get tips at my job, which give me about a dollar fifty a DAY to feed myself. Seriously. Help.