Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We need your help!

Charter schools are under attack in the legislature.

Senate Bill 621 is scheduled for a hearing next Thursday in the Senate Education Committee. Among other things, it would require charter school teachers to be unionized, and would restrict students from attending a charter school across district boundaries.

We have posted an on-line petition opposing the bill, and we want to have as many signatures as possible to present to the committee at the hearing.

Please take the time to go sign the petition.



TheDuncan said...

I am sure they are doing it , for the children. I will be at the hearing. Other than a power and money grab, to what benefit could this be to the children.

baseballMom said...

My son goes to Connections Academy, one of the charter schools. If this passes, his school will have to close since most of thestudents come from out of their district.

I have a son who is dyslexic and ADHD. He has always had trouble with traditional schools because of his learning disability. The regular teachers don't want him, or tell him he doesn't have to complete an assignment because they don't want to address his problems. He does not belong in the special education classes because, though he is not a genius he is very intelligent. Since he has been in Connections Academy. He has been on the Honor Roll. Now they want to take this school from him.

His school runs on less teachers and they aren't unionized. That is why they are being attacked.

The government does not care about these children like they say. They just want to line there pockets with the contributions from the teachers unions.

Anonymous said...

You and your allies, ie Jeff K, Larry G and Russ W, are responsible for the D's majority in the House.

Be careful what you wish for.