Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On-Line testing suspended

I think we have not heard the whole story on why the ODE had to suspend on-line testing this year. Willamette Week's Beth Slovic has done a good bit of sleuthing on this, and it is clear that there was some kind of dispute between the testing company and the ODE which caused the whole mess.

I'll suspend judgment until more is known.


Anonymous said...

Always good to wait until all the facts become known.

But we do know that ODE has let their relationship with a key vendor get so bad that they have to go to Plan B.

My questions are:

1-What person at ODE thought that a good Plan B would be pencils and paper?

2-What manager let this relationship (and unpaid or contested bills) go so far down the tubes?

Heads should roll on this one.

Anonymous said...

More facts from the Oregonian:

"From January 23rd through last Friday, we administered well over 250,000 tests," Patrylak said. "We weren't paid a dime. We did this in good faith while we tried to work out something with the state."

So Vantage, although did have some recent technical glitches, hasn't been paid over $2Million by ODE.

See the O for more info.