Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sam's Couplet

Why do they call it a "couplet," anyway?

Sam Adams wants to tear up Burnside and Couch streets downtown, turning them into one way streets and putting a streetcar through them. $80 million dollars (estimated - and we know how THAT works) to slow down cars and make the downtown core that much more hostile to automobiles.

I want to say "when will it end?" but there is no reason it will. This is what Portland wants.

That is why Rex Burkholder can say "Every penny spent on transportation is wasted," and not be dismissed as a charlatan. In Portland, saying such things makes you visionary, and the Tribune writes glowing articles about your influence on the region's transportation policy.

It's going to get a lot, lot worse before it even thinks about getting better.


Anonymous said...

They call it 'couplet' because they are going to mess up two (as in a couple) streets instead of just one. It's a short hand way of saying it, sort of like saying.

I h8 portland.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting to the point of not caring anymore. Downtown Portland sucks -- let it rot.

Unfortunately, there needs to be some kind of 'east/west' corridor that doesn't go through Little Beruit.

Time for a third-party to start garnering some influence in this state.

rickyragg said...

Sideburn Sam can take his "couplet" and shove it.

What's he using as a resume' to garner support for this new boondoggle - the tram?

MAX Redline said...

I really don't understand how the Rex and Sam types manage to stay in orifice. Trams, trains, and streetcars don't get goods and services from store to store, much less from door to door. And goods and services are what drive the economy.

Anonymous said...

Usually, as long as they advertise in The Oregonian, they will get protection by the press.

However, there is hope. Another "couplet" of editors has been removed from office and admitted to OHSU with Multiple-Standard Syndrome, in the story arc at "Not The Oregonian - The Oregonion".

May as well include a little fiction to balance out the official "truth."