Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank you, John Kerry

Prediction: Republicans keep the US House of Representatives.

Democrats will look back, crestfallen, and realize that Halloween was the day that ruined their dream, and John Kerry was responsible.

ABC News led with the story tonight, and they even quoted a Democrat congressman (didn't identify him) saying:

"It wasn't enough for John Kerry to blow the 2004 election. He had to blow the 2006 election as well."

Of course, lots of pundits are trying to minimize the damage, claiming that this won't change votes. George Stephanopolous even said that this isn't good for Republicans because "every day that is spent talking about Iraq isn't a good day for Republicans."

Balderdash. Kerry's remark played right into a core Rove/Republican theme for this election: Security. If national security is a big issue, how can you support a party that has such disdain for our soldiers?

Oh sure, they will say Kerry doesn't speak for the party. Fine, then - how many D's are out there condemning his statement and calling for him to apologize? Republicans in tight races get to spend the next week asking their opponents to demand that Kerry apologize to the troops. That will put their opponents in a real tough spot. This will have an effect.

Republicans don't really deserve to keep the House, and if it weren't for their opponents, they would probably lose it.

Thank you, John Kerry!

Update, Nov.1, 11:00 AM

Kerry is the gift that keeps giving. He has refused to apologize. He said that he just "botched" a line in a joke that was meant to attack President Bush.

OK, well what was the correct line, then? I've heard what he said dozens of times, and I don't see how a word or two here or there could transform the statement from a direct insult of the military into a slam on the President. If it was a botched line, Senator Kerry, then tell us what you meant to say!

He has also cancelled all his campaign appearances this week where he was appearing to help close House and Senate races. His spokesman released a statement saying he cancelled the appearances so they didn't want to:

"Allow the Republican hate machine to use Democratic candidates as proxies in their distorted spin war."

Thus ensuring that this issue spends another day in the news cycle. Who is giving this guy his advice? Or is he so arrogant as to not need any? There are seven days to election day. Tomorrow or Thursday he will finally capitulate and apologize, and then the wording of the apology will be dissected for a day at least.

John Kerry's insult to the troops should be at the top of the news into the weekend.

Thank you, John Kerry!


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the anti-Republican media turning a misstatement non-story by a Democrat 4-cycles worth of coverage.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you Kerry. Thank for helping the media and the public start talking about Iraq again. Seems a bit odd the Republicans would be celebrating that days before the election...