Monday, October 16, 2006

How you can help

Want to do something concrete to help get Ron Saxton elected? Do you have three hours you can contribute?

Help Ron with his phone bank, calling Republicans and Independents who have not yet turned in their ballots, any time between November 3rd and election day. If you think it's low value labor, you are wrong. This election is likely to turn on GOTV. The campaign best able to make sure its core supporters actually vote will be the winner.

Democrats traditionally have the huge advantage in races that come down to GOTV, since they have the public employee union infrastructure at the ready to do the phone banking and precinct walking. So for Ron to win, we will have to provide that infrastructure for his campaign.

Three hours. Calling voters and reminding them to turn in their ballot. Choose any day: Friday November 3rd through election day, and any shift 9-12, 12-3 etc.

To sign up email or call 503-224-7722

When you sign up, post a comment here telling us that you did.

Ron has run an incredibly impressive campaign. It's up to us to help him put this thing in the end zone. I'll be there working the phones with you.

Thanks in advance for your help.


frank g. said...

Good idea. I'll do it, Rob. I've never done this for a campaign before but I can see the goal line is so close that if enough of us spend just a few hours helping, it could easily make the difference.

Anonymous said...

I did it. I want to help.

kigogal said...

I'm gonna do it, too.