Thursday, November 17, 2005

Uniformity at the university in the name of diversity

Update on the University of Oregon five year diversity plan which I first discussed here in June.

As reported by one of my favorite bloggers, Professor Plum, (and as many of us predicted would happen as the Diversity Plan was implemented) the U of O has essentially established an ideological litmus test for job applicants. If you want a teaching job at Oregon you must profess that you "share our commitment to diversity."

Take a look at the web site that lists its academic job postings. Almost half of the job descriptions end with the statement:

"We invite applications from qualified candidates who share our commitment to diversity."

Which of course means that if you don't believe in racial preferences, or if you don't accept the liberal dogma on racial/gender/sexual orientation identity politics, or if you think their five year diversity plan is a bunch of politically correct garbage, I guess you aren't qualified.

Sounds like a great way to make sure they are the laughing stock of the academic world for years to come.

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