Monday, July 25, 2005

Potter's Brilliant Anti-Terrorist Strategy

I was talking with my good friend and fellow talk show host Randy Leonard prior to my radio show yesterday, and it hit me: we just don't understand the innovative and brilliant anti-terror strategy being implemented by Mayor Potter.

Vera Katz started the initiative. Remember - one of the Portland Seven worked at two different times in her office.

She also refused to let Portland cooperate with the voluntary FBI interviews of persons of middle eastern heritage.

Potter took it to the next level by pulling out of the anti-terrorist task force.

And now we hear that there is probably a connection between the London bombings and that terrorits training camp they tried to establish in Bly, Oregon.

I finally figured out what Potter is doing. He had me stumped for a long time, because his policies seem so ridiculous - -I couldn't believe anyone would take the terror threat so casually after the gruesome events of the last several years.

Now, I won't say that Randy Leonard confirmed this. All he would say is "That Rob Kremer - he's just HOT!"

(Yes he said this on the air, right at the end of his show. Proving that Randy is not just a good guy, but has excellent taste in men as well.)

Anyway, here's what Potter is doing: He wants to keep Portlanders safe by making sure that Al-Qaeda cells are able to plan their activities from Portland.

Think about it! This is the LAST place they would strike if Portland is their home base!

The message Potter is sending is loud and clear: Terrorists, come to Portland, live here, plan here, play here - -because then you won't strike here.

You've got to admit, it IS brilliant.

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