Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Catch Kremer & Abrams on KATU

My radio show co-host and I will soon be doing political commentary on KATU's evening news broadcasts.

The segments will be called "Face2face" and will run twice weekly, probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 5:45 pm.

We messed around with different formats for several months. We wanted something different than the typical "point/counterpoint" talking heads spots that have been done so many times before. We decided on a more dynamic "back-and-forth" format in which we will take an issue (our first one was PERS) and have three exchanges of points and arguments in about 90 seconds.

I think the first segment will run this Thursday.


Jessie said...

That is great! Looking forward to seeing Abrams defend PERS. Do you have comments on the Oregonian article (7-10) by Betsy Hammond and the Oregonian editorial (7-17), "Sink or swim". I hope it isn't too little, too late from the Oregonian. It is great that they have recognized the significant detriment the benefits have had on K-12 funding

Rob Kremer said...

Thanks! I just heard from KATU, and it looks as if the first one won't run tonight. Will be soon, they promise.

As for PERS - yes, I think it IS too little too late as far as saving the state from PERS.

The Oregonian spent years attacking anyone with the audacity to point out that the PERS monster was going to devour us (Bob Tiernan and Measure 8) and only now do they "break" the news that PERS is the reason for the school financial problems.

Not good enough.

Rich said...

Just listened to the radio and heard you say that it is ok to raise cigarette taxes as smoking is bad and taxes will help finance children's health care.

With that type of thinking why not tax strip joints and porn shops with tax. Every person that enters a store must pay a $5 tax. This would go to fund health care. If we can tax cigarettes, booze and gas, we should be able to tax other things that many feel are not good for society.

BobZybach said...

Tried to reach you while you were on air on Lars' show, but it is/was a frustrating process! Same with the main switchboard at KXL -- you're a hard guy to reach!

Enjoyed the brief Inhofe discussion, but we are missing the point when it comes to "energy independence" or "alternative energy" in Oregon.

Despite the hype and pr from the Governor's office, most of Oregon's energy is wasted. One-half of our so-called greenhouse gases are created in forest wildfires and the subsequent rotting of wood. That is the very material that native Oregonians used for more than 10,000 years to be energy independent, and it is being left to rot and burn by the millions of tons annually -- totally wasted. Hardly a "leadership" approach.

At $4/gal for gas and $4.50/gal. for diesel, Oregonians are sending more than $11 billion a year (nearly $1 billion/mo.) outside the state for just these two energy sources. We could produce methanol and ethanol from dead trees, rye grass straw, or food waste, but we don't. We spend about $0 in that regard.

As a forest scientist I delivered a paper to an international symposium on forests and Global Warming in 1991 that was published by EPA in 1993. It showed how we could easily reach the 2020 carbon emission goals now touted by Democrats (and Senator Smith?). The paper remains unused and ill considered and all of my funding was dropped. That's one way "scientific consensus" (formerly an oxymoron) is attained.

I'd like to see the topics of 1) better managing our forests to easily attain carbon-dioxide emission goals, and 2) creating fuels in-state from wood and crop waste as important topics on your show.

Oregon is 1/2 owned by the feds, who own 80% of our forest biomass. Energy independence is a national security issue. Rural Oregonians need jobs. Democrats and John McCain worry about greenhouse gases. Why don't we do the obvious things first?

Donovan said...

Well, I’m glad to hear that there is this kind of show on radio which will help people to see things in a different way. I truly support it. I hope your show will be successful.