Saturday, March 20, 2010

Huffman for Senate. Kremer for Senate District 19

I've been ignoring my blog lately. Here's why:

I am consulting on the Jim Huffman for US Senate campaign, and my wife is running for State Senate against Sen. Richard Devlin.

This has been consuming all my time that I might otherwise devote to expressing my opinion here on my blog. If you have been checking in, thank you!

I'm sorry, but my updates are going to be less and less frequent for awhile.


OregonGuy said...

Good luck to your wife. And, of course, good luck to Professor Huffman.

MAX Redline said...

That explains much, thanks. And best of luck!

Bronch O'Humphrey said...

For "a while." Educational choice must be lacking in the grammar arena....

First, glad to hear Huffman's campaign has your "kiss of death" attached to it.

Second, what qualifications does your wife have to be a state senator? This isn't snark; I'm genuinely interested. I know Chuck Riley's wife is running for his House seat, inexplicably.

Is your wife just going out there because she's not you, and you're as much poison in that area as Sizemore statewide?

Anonymous said...

Bronch, you such a clever basement-dweller, aren't you. Why do people go outside? Because they're not you?

Me said...

You're genuinely interested?
Yeah sure.
You want genuinely qualified people to be in the legislature.
How genuine of you.
I suspect you're just the routine status quo Democrat who would support any Democrat fool at any level.
Are you also a big Sam Adams supporter?
Randy Leonard?
How about genuine John Kitzhaber for two more terms as governor?
I'm sure you're also Big on genuine public school improvement too? By keeping Democrat control and spending more on the status quo?
You're the typical California Democrat who's entire agenda is one of dysfunction and bankruptcy.

Calling Kremer "Sizemore"? How OEA of you.

Anonymous said...

Me -

Do you ever deal in actual facts, or just in hypothetical scenarios and vague generalities? Must be nice to put everything into neat little boxes so you don't have to think about it anymore. Ever.

Me said...

anon 3:41

What are you talking about?
Having trouble?

Pick ANY topic and I'll clobber you with specifics which you'll not respond to.
Instead you'll concoct you own version of what I say and respond only to your own imagination.

That's the progressive way.

See BlueOregon for more, idiot.

Anonymous said...

You could have just said "no" - would have been easier.

So why the name calling? Do you really think that advances any argument you make? People who start name calling are trying to hide the fact that they have nothing else to add to the conversation. Is that the Conservative way? Should people down? Attempt to belittle them? Fortunately, from the way Rob conducts himself on here, I'd guess that the answer to that would be no as well. However, after seeing your posts, I'm beginning to wonder.

Anonymous said...

Can Rob Kremer finally shut the hell up now?

Anonymous said...

The study is from a front-group for super-large corporations. There aren't that many in Oregon. Most employment comes from small business and much of that is Subchapter S; that is corporate taxation is at the personal tax rate. How does Oregon compare? Oh I almost forgot; I'm supposed to STFU.

Anonymous said...

Rob - didn't find an email, so I'm going off topic to post this here.

Remember your tepid response to bullying? Evidently the parents Cohen had in mind have the same attitude you do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, how about a blog post about your wife's seeming inability to make it past the primary?

Robin DesCamp said...

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OregonGuy said...

Love to read some new posts.

jim karlock said...

Hey Rob, how about a blog post about your wife's seeming inability to make it past the primary?
JK: You lost.

Mary won! 54/46

Congratulations, Mary.


izzy said...

Do you have another email to send show comments to? this doesnt seem like the right place, thanks

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