Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Here's a very interesting story from Missouri about a woman complaining to the Sherriff about being inconvenienced by a funeral procession for a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

What an incredibly poignant response from the Sherriff who responded to her email. It read, in part:

"While you were being inconvenienced in your car on your way home, there were soldiers just like Sergeant Woods carrying 100+ pounds of equipment in 120 degree heat, up some mountain or in the middle of some desert. They will shower out of a helmet liner if they get the chance. They will eat a cold meal of MRE's; something most people would consider garbage. They cannot text their family or friends, or go to McDonalds, or watch TV. They can only continue the mission and look out after the guy to the left and right of them. They don't complain because they know they volunteered. The only thing they ask is that we do not forget the sacrifices they have made."

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