Saturday, August 08, 2009

BlueOregon's Chisolm reveals himself as propagandist

Over at BlueOregon, blog founder Kari Chisolm has the funniest post ever.

He wants the left's narrative of "violent conservative protests against ObamaCare" to stick, but other than some shouting at various town hall meetings (which I think is not the greatest idea, BTW) they don't have any evidence of any real conservative violence or threats.

So Chisolm trumps some up, and gets his plus-sized knickers in a twist at his own propaganda.

First, he posts the audio from a phone call to SEIU from a woman named Diana. In the call, she tells the SEIU to "stop the violence" and to stop suppressing people's first amendment rights, lest they "come up against the second amendment."

Kari Chisolm, with another of his chronic episodes of the vapors, thinks this is a "violent threat."

So if I warn you to stop committing acts of violence, or I will meet your violence with some force of my own, that is a threat? Sounds more to me like Diana is saying folks will defend themselves, and use their constitutionally protected gun rights to do so.

Is that the best they can do to pretend that conservatives have turned into health reform Brownshirts?

But the best part of Chisolm's post is where he claims he has video proof conservative "mobs" assualting SEIU "purple shirts." He posts an SEIU video that juxtaposes peaceful SEIU rallies and protests with clips from recent town halls where politicians are being shouted at by angry participants. At the very end, there's a few short seconds of a clip that supposedly shows an SEIU purple shirt being attacked.

One slight problem with that clip. Look at the whole video - not just the few seconds that the SEIU showed - and guess what? It's the SEIU purple shirt thug who gets arrested! You can clearly see the guy run into the scuffle, grab the black guy who had just got up from the pavement, and throw him to the ground!

Now, to be perfectly accurate (which Kari Chisolm doesn't appear to feel is required) when the video starts you cannot tell what has just occurred. There is a purple shirt on the pavement, and the black guy is also on the pavement. You can't see how they got on the ground.

The black guy gets up, stands on the sidewalk, and that's when the other purple shirt thug literally runs up, grabs him, and throws him to the ground.

And for several minutes, this thug, cigarette dangling from his lips, shouts at bystanders, in a very threatening way, who accuse him of assaulting the black guy. The police come, and the black guy waves them over. The police arrest the purple shirt who assaulted the black guy.

THAT is Kari's proof that "conservative mobs" are resorting to violence! Nice job Kari! Your credibility is, shall we say, on the wane.

What a joke.


MAX Redline said...

Good catch, Rob. They've been portraying reaction at "town hall" meetings as somehow organized and "vicious" - when in fact the viciousness emanates from union thugs and other Democrats. In Houston, the other day:

Physicians jammed a town hall meeting in The Woodlands on Thursday, expressing fears about the cost and effectiveness of a health care reform bill that could come up for a vote in Congress as early as September.

“The bottom line is that doctors don't want socialized medicine — another flawed health care system like Medicare. They don't believe it will lower the costs or improve quality,” Brady said. “Medicare is already going bankrupt and not quality care. It also shifts medical costs onto other paying customers. It needs to be fixed first.”

Well, you know how violent and vicious those physicians are. It's terrible.

Now, over in Saint Looie, things actually escalated into violence; landing one conservative in the hospital with multiple injuries. Half a dozen folks were arrested, including one staunchly impartial "journalist".

You know, a "journalist" never takes sides. It's purely coincidental that most of them are registered Democrats.

And unsurprisingly: It appears that it is members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) doing at least some of the dirty work.

Meanwhile, over at the SeattlePI site, the prestigious "journalist" Joel CONnelly decries the activities at congressional "town hall" meetings, claiming that "A new level of viciousness enters America's political dialogue."

And of course, according to him, it's all due to the nasty WEpublicans. Apparently, he's conveniently forgotten the widespread damage and destruction inflicted by Leftists the last time the G8 held a meeting in Seattle. Acid on storefronts, and worse. Ah, those were good times, without the new level of viciousness we see today.

We're waiting for that viciousness to rear up, but so far have seen nothing like it in the "town hall" meetings, except for the occasional event in which a conservative for some unknown reason smashes his face into the fist of a tolerant Democrat SEIU representative.

Kevin Starrett said...

It's no surprise that when average Americans finally get fed up, the union thug apologists would crank up their hate machine and lies. But the level of shrillness is proving what frauds the "Blue Oregonian" types are.

After decades of using violent protests to impose their agenda, the collectivists are horrified when people push back.

The fact is, there is simply no other way to talk to these congressclowns. Every attempt at civil discourse is met with shuck and jive. Want an example? Try asking some congressional staffer why a self employed person can't simply get a tax deduction for health insurance. I did.

The answer from Kurt Schrader's office? "Well that wouldn't help everyone." This is the same idiot who defended the "cash for clunkers" give away, like THAT helped everyone.

For better or worse, win or lose, we are forcing these vermin back into their hidey holes. I say, not a minute too soon.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell ya, the "conservatives" really have these guys on the run. I almost can't believe we're only 8 months removed from the historic election of the first Socialist President & Congress in US history.

Why don't these huge majorities just roll right over this token opposition? Why worry about (or blog about, for that matter) a handful of kooks who show up to yell at Town Hall meetings?

The reason, of course, is that Democrats can read polls. In just 8 short months, voters have reversed themselves on all kinds of things - including their opinion of the President - and the Democrats now find themselves fighting a majority of the nation to try and implement Socialism. And opposition is growing each week.

Parenthetically, it is inaccurate to call the Town Hall protestors "Brown Shirts." The original Brown Shirts were, of course, Nazi Party members - the German National Socialist Party. These Town Hall protestors are fighting against Socialism, not for it as the Brown Shirts did.

Remember, "Dissent IS Patriotic"

Charley B said...

Your description of Chisolm's over-reaction to the "Diana" audio is right on the money. I listened closely, and if this is his idea of a violent threat, then I can only guess poor Kari must have attended an all girls school as a child.

Speaking of children, I have been following this same thread over at BO. If anyone ever wanted a real look at how the fringe left will defend even the worst of ideas to the bitter end, this may be their best representation.

Shockingly, this same left fringe continues to refer to themselves as "democrats" who are in opposition to the "republicans" on this issue. I know plenty of Dems against this health plan. Their continuing attempts to group the middle into their fold is failing.

Troutdale Canfield said...

With the over-confidence that their post election hubris created, the Obama administration and his supporters have finally put all their marxist cards on the table. There is no doubt now who they are, what they stand for, and what they are willing to do to turn the U.S. into the socialist "heaven on earth" promised by Marx.

David Horowitz's 1999 book The Politics of Bad Faith: The Radical Assault on America's Future spelled out in great detail what is now happening in our country and why.

Anyone who is still naive enough to believe in the fantasy of bipartisanship with the leftists now in power in the White House and elsewhere need to wake up and smell the Marxism.

Anonymous said...

Kari and his sidekick Carla are both idiot drones who repeat the TalkingPointMemo of the day, with out any intelligence whatsoever.

If he had half a brain, he would have watched the whole video and realized that the Union thug hurt the Democrat cause far worse than he helped. The Demo/Union thug got arrested in the video for beating up a black man, who he later called a Ni@@er. All caught on video that Kari refers to. Whoops!

Kari, a propagandist, a pinata and a fool. Getting beat up badly in his own comment section.

R Hall said...

A blogger that is a propagandist. How novel.

MAX Redline said...


Kari makes his living selling Leftist websites. He's hardly a blogger with a specific point of view; he's a salesman.

You should check out BO - and as anon mentioned, Carla. Anon was correct - the SEIU thug got arrested for battery, which Kari conveniently forgot to include in his post.

Is that "propaganda"? Probably not, as Leftists truly believe in their utter infallibility. This is why they defend folks like "cold cash" Jefferson.

It's why child rapist Neil Goldschmidt was able to cling to power for so long, and it's why Sam Adams is still in the Portland mayor's office.

All of the above are Democrats.

If you're a Democrat, you're part of the problem.

R Hall said...

I don't know.. I really can't join ya there Max. I really don't see the Republicans as being any less of a problem than the Democrats.

MAX Redline said...

Republicans at least tend to clean out those who foul the nest.

R Hall said...

LOL.. no.. they clean out Democrats so they can have their turn fouling the nest. Honestly, Max, you don't honestly believe that Republicans have more integrity or are more honest the Democrats simply by virtue of being Republicans do you? If ya do, I have a swamp to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Just look at Oregon and the measure of integrity comes clear.

Democrats from Portland to Salem are corrupt well beyond your biased delusion.

Anonymous said...

Just look at Oregon and the measure of integrity comes clear.

Democrats from Portland to Salem are corrupt well beyond your biased delusion.

Or we could look at Abramoff and the string of Republicans who went to jail: Ney, Cunningham, Griles...not to mention all the other GOP players who were either implicated or were actually convicted and avoided the big house.

Dems aren't any better; we need a third party. One of true fiscal conservatism.

surrey said...

Ya its very bad way..

MAX Redline said...

LOL.. no.. they clean out Democrats so they can have their turn fouling the nest.

Sorry, R - look at history. Dems cling tight to their own, while Republicans abandon the Bob Packwoods and the others.

Democrats defended "Cold Cash" Jefferson to the bitter end, and that's but one of many examples.

You have every right to your opinion, but you can't change the facts.

Anonymous said...

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