Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Floor vote tomorrow on bill to kill virtual charters

The teacher union's bill to kill virtual charter schools in Oregon (SB 767) is scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor tomorrow. We will see once and for all which Senate Democrats are willing to sell the kids down the river at the demand of the union.

It really is that simple. The unions changed the bill in certain ways that might put off for awhile the death of the virtual schools they hate so much, but it is just window dressing. In its current form the bill freezes enrollment of all virtual schools, prevents any new ones from being approved, and then it creates a "workgroup" to figure out how to govern virtual schools.

The workgroup is just stacked with education establishment folks. There isn't even a parent of a virtual school student on it! The workgroup will recommend legislation to the interim session they plan to hold in early 2010.

Sen. Richard Devlin is the sponsor. This fight isn't over. We need three Democrat votes to kill this on the floor. Frankly, the fact that it is scheduled for a vote most probably means that Devlin has been able to twist enough arms to prevent three D's from defecting.

But why would reasonable folks like Rick Metsger go along? Or Martha Schrader? Or Betsy Johnson? if these folks cast a Yes vote on SB767, it will be disappointing indeed.


Anonymous said...

Blast SB767!

I attended a high school graduation ceremony for the first time last weekend. As I wasn't able to have that experience myself, I was excited for all the graduates. After a quick congratulatory speech by the principal, one speaker after another told of gloom and doom. I'm pretty sure I felt more optimistic when I dropped a lead disc on my foot than these kids did after graduation.

"We'll probably get bombed, your children might be terminally ill, you'll loose ones you love, and there won't be many jobs. Your parents sacrificed their retirement so you could go to a good school. For those of you who aren't going to college... you'll survive with a little luck."

But one speaker nailed it; a teacher who seemed fairly upbeat. "Don't think of your diploma as proof of your worth, just think of it as the receipt we give you for showing up most days."


OregonGuy said...

Betsy is in the tank...she wants her "protect the family homestead" bill passed.

Anonymous said...

Posts like this are sure to push "reasonable folks" to vote contrary to your position. Honestly, Rob, do you really think this kind of thing moves Legislators to your side of the issue?

Roadrunner said...


I have serious questions about virtual schools.

Education is about teaching children certain skills they need in order to function in society. Many of those skills can be taught from a distance, but many of those skills require practice with other live humans.

How do virtual schools provide interaction with other children?

Anonymous said...

It is not the responsibility of public schools to socialize children. You should meet some of these kids, Roadrunner, they're simply amazing.

The greatest thing about these kids is many aren't concerned about "fitting in" some where. They are purely who they are without the heightened level of self consciousness or status today's kids struggle with in school. Most of them get a large amount of interaction with adults and teammates who are training or mentoring them in their special interests, they are traveling, they are meeting 'virtual' classmates in person to study and hang out, their parents are actively involved to ensure they have the social and educational support they need. They find friends and enjoyment outside of their school, something too many kids today don't have.

The density of uninhibited, highly intelligent, talented and confident students in virtual schools is astounding. I am not in any way involved with a virtual school if that was your next question, however I personally know many kids who attend them. They simply don't let their schooling interfere with their education.

Me said...

Yeah Roadrunner and the OEA is also concerned about the children.

ha ha ha

If you knew anything other than the bromides of bullcrap you'd know home schoolers and virtual charter school students have other ways to interact.
The track record is extensive with most having a thoroughly well rounded education experience.

But then you probably know this just as the OEA does.

Your stupid lesson on what "Education is about"
is nothing but a ploy to echo an OEA concocted charge that skills requiring "practice with other live humans" is a not happening because of the virtual approach.

If you have yet to read or hear how these students interact with other children then you are not paying attention and have your own issues needing interacting with more ethical adults.

Roadrunner said...


I know some home schoolers, and they've networked with other families. And yes, that may happen with virtual schools as well.

The issue is, what systems are in place to make sure that happens?

Anonymous said...

Since when was this the responsibility of public school?

Anonymous said...

This bill is such a joke, if it passes it will be pure evidence of just how blindly the D-senators will obey the OEA.

Me said...


You're an idiot.
There's no "system in place" in any public school to make sure students interact. And not all "interaction" is good anyway.

There's always loners and bad interaction that get no attention or "system" to make sure of anything.

And this bill is not about ANY of your BS anyway.

It's the OEA killing competetion at the expense of children.
The pretense of concern about transparency is more BS. If any "legislator" is genuinely concerned they can simply request
to see records. But they won't becuase the Bill is a lie.

Just as legislators rarely if ever request any records from any public school operation.

Because they are more concerned about meddling than authentic oversight.

As for your crap, you're a political hack like your other BlueOregon smear merchants.

Anonymous said...

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